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American Culture at KVCU Denver

In a musical landscape that thrives on genre revivalism, it’s hard for bands to sound unique while also letting their influences shine through. But for American Culture’s newest record, Pure American Gum, the group is able to be nostalgic without sounding dated. Comprised of former members of Bad Weather California and current members of Homebody, this Desert-based band draws influence heavily from indie and punk from the 80’s and 90’s but with an embrace of modern noise pop and garage rock. Though the album is incredibly fuzzy and lo-fi, the guitar progressions are almost Bruce Springsteen-esque in their ability to sound anthemic and undoubtedly American.

The song subjects on Pure American Gum deal heavily with anxiety issues and reflecting on adolescent life in the 1990’s in the Four Corners of the US. The lyrics on the album are highly idiosyncratic and range from stealing the parent’s car to friends that listen to the Pixies and drink Coca-Cola. But tracks such as “Social Anxiety” shows front man Chris Aldof wearing his issues on his sleeve, proving this album to be “Party Music For Introverts”. At the same time, the sound, imagery and subject matter is highly relatable but so detailed and personal that the album as a whole is incredibly unique and esoteric listen.

Out now on Jigsaw Records, Pure American Gum by American Culture is Radio 1190’s CD of the Month for March. For more information, check out or request it at your favorite local record shop today.


American Culture at If It Be Your Will

Remember when Jesus And Mary Chain wanted really badly to be American during their mid-period? That’s this record. This is classic “American music”. Not so much Bo Diddley and Elvis, but more like Velvet Underground and the Stooges. These ten songs celebrate activities such as driving around, listening to music, going to the movies… but they’re also about feeling anxious and out of place and not really knowing who or what you are. The songs themselves are buried in layers of fuzz and reverb, as if they were trying to mask their true identity: that is, catchy little pop hits. Sometimes they fade away too soon, sometimes they even just stop mid-sentence, but nevertheless, the ideas are already planted, and the songs remain stuck in your head. This is American Culture.


American Culture at Bloodbuzzed

Hailing from Denver (the press release says “they live out in the desert near four corners where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet“), there’s very few information on a band that, back to the press release, “don’t really want the world to know who they are, personally. Just the music. We even had a hard time tracking them down for this. The tracks and art come to us on a CDR in an envelope with no return address. We have only e-mailed with them. Never spoken. They ask (politely) for no photography during their rare live shows, usually in houses or basements”. They define themsleves as “pop music for introverts”. Which is kind of ironic, in a way, because the majority of ‘Pure American Gum‘, their first record (as far as we know), out next week on Jigsaw Records, is expansive, pure, unadultered, 90s indie-rock. Guided By Voices meeting Dinosaur Jr, Pavement on stereoids, Jesus and Mary Chain high on Coca-Cola. Pop hits.


American Culture at Independent Clauses

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American Culture at Magnet

American Culture is keeping american culture alive by living out in the desert at four corners (where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet) and playing a dreamy brand of blissful punk and pop. Now the band offers a new track called “I Wanna Be Your Animal” for free download. The song starts out with raw guitars but develops into something light and ethereal, showing the true talent of these musicians. Download “I Wanna Be Your Animal” for free below.

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American Culture at Examiner

Sometimes good music needs to be found while searching among the record bins, the internet and intimate live music clubs. For every Fall Out Boy and One Direction there are a dozen bands that do not have massive marketing campaigns, hours of airplay, big production budgets or copious amounts of TV exposure. It is these independent musicians that deliver more creative and better sounding music almost every time out,American Culture is included in this category.

Emerging from the Four Corners Desert, American Culture has delivered an expirament in lo-fi music Pure American Gum. The ten track album takes listeners on a whirlwind tour of the bands orchestrated noise. Always on the verge of careening into utter chaos underlying pop melodies provide the guard rails that preserve order with in the album. Theor songs are short and to the point packing more intrinsic value in two minutes than most bloated musicians can muster in four or five. Songs such as “My Teeth Are Sharp”and “ We Wanna Go To The Movies” are built around rhythms that sludge along with jangly guitars breaking through adding a melodic foundation to hang onto. They follow no set formula which doesn’t matter because that is what makes them good. “Just Driving Around” is one of the more ambitious tunes on the record. American Culture combines a plethora of musical layers creating a big bold sound. The complimentary vocals on “I Wanna Be Your Animal” are the strength that drives the song and you get to see their punk side on the loud and aggressive “About A Friend”. The meat of this record is supplied by a trifecta of songs, “Social Anxiety”, “I Like American Culture” and “And That’s Enough For Me”. Fierce guitar playing leads the way as the nonchalant slacker vocals weave their way through the myriad of rhythms and melodies providing the attitude of the record.

From start to finish Pure American Gum is an entertaining listen. Catchy riffs, infectious melodies and quirky lyrics show American Culture is more worried about substance that style. Pulling from their influences you can hear a bit of Sonic Youth, Guided By Voices and Dinosaur Jr in every song. If you want to listen to rehashed formulaic music then by all means go right ahead, but if you want to jam to music that will stimulate your aural senses give American Culture a spin.


American Culture at Get It On Vinyl

Rock and pop seem to be genres that are easy to combine. It has been done for years. Yet so many bands try too hard and end up overplaying both sides without finding the middle ground.

American Culture is the real deal. The band knows the rock/pop sweet spot and their new full length Pure American Gum rides it with expert balance.

The songs are at their roots, pop tracks drenched in reverb. Its noise pop, power pop, whatever you want to call it. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the songs are catchy as hell. Opening tracks “My Teeth are Sharp” and “Actual Alien” are particularly awesome. The bands influences of Jesus & Mary Chain, Dinosaur JR. of course shine through. HoweverAmerican Gum is a soundtrack of sorts. I am not sure how to describe it, but as a child of the 80’s and 90’s this could have easily been the CD stuck in our car throughout high school and college road trips, a heaping dose of underground excellence while all my friends were jamming to top 40 bullshit.

Lyrically the album covers plenty different depths, from driving around, to coca cola, to social anxiety issues. It’s simple lyrics, but there is no need for really deep songwriting when the track are meant to get stuck in your head and just jam along.

The Vinyl

The LP is packaged in a unique way. LP is packed in a standard white jacket inside of 3/4 fold slip case. The lyrics are printed on newsprint and the album is pressed on black wax. Its a cool package. Get yours March 15 from your local independent store or direct from Jigsaw Records.


American Culture at Collective Zine

This is some fuzzed up, slacker and poppy indie rock from the desert west in the USA. You can tell they like a fair bit of 90s music like Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth (clear on the first half of “I Wanna Be Your Animal”) and The Jesus & Mary Chain but it’s also got a far poppier side to it buried under the fuzz. Lyrics are a little offbeat too and notable, in particular, on early highlight “Actual Alien”. One thing that has put me off a little is that almost every track is ended on a fade-out. I’m not a huge fan of the old fade-out – it kind of gives the impression that the tracks are unfinished and stops the flow of the album. However, it’s a minor gripe as this is a decent set of songs.


American Culture at Mad Mackerel

Anthemic and noisy.

Pop racket.

American Culture live out in the desert near four corners (where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet.) There are no other bands there. No other references. They really like Guided By Voices, Jesusand Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr. And also powerpop bands like The Soft Boys, The Shoes and The Records.

They don’t really want the world to know who they are personally. Just as a band. Just the music.

Check out Actual Alien from their debut ten track album Pure American Gum.

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American Culture at Broadway World Music

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