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Emotional Response at Suburban Voice

Bad Daddies’ side is loud ‘n fuzzy ‘n catchy, especially for the last song, “It’s Not You.” There’s a wicked hook on the chorus, both musically and in Camylle’s vocal. “Stay True” is also quite tuneful, following the 22 second opening burst of “War.” Hard Left are from Oakland but you might mistake them for a UK band with their boisterous street punk. Gruff vocals spouting out populist sentiments, accompanying the sharp ‘n brash sounds. A winnah, as we say in Massachusetts.


Sleaford Mods at The Vinyl Factory

If you don’t know who Sleaford Mods are by now then you really must live in a cave, in the middle of nowhere. Without doubt England’s most important band at the moment strike again with a killer 7″ on Emotional Response. ‘A Little Ditty’ (taken from the Divide And Exit LP) finds the rants riding over what could be an instrumental by The Fall while on the flip, a totally exclusive track. On ‘I’m Shit At It’ you get double trouble as Jason is joined by John Paul. It’s brilliant. As always.


Emotional Response at Blurt

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Emotional Response at Yab Yum

Flagstaff label, Emotional Response, released this split EP on limited edition (color) vinyl back in November, but lucky for us, there are still some copies available because I was a little late cluing in to this local label. Bad Daddies and Hard Left are both bands from the Bay Area, but I can definitely see why they were selected to appear on this split release: both are badass. Bad Daddies are as fierce as they are fun. They kick off the album with the twenty-second track, “War”, before launching into two full tracks. “Festering Brine” by the Bad Daddies is my favorite track from the release, but Hard Left delivers some powerful punches with “Stay True” and “It’s Not You”. Hard Left has a gruffer punk sound reminiscent of the genre’s earlier impulses. You can still get your hands on the limited edition vinyl if you order sooner rather than later and the split is available for preview from Emotional Release Records here.


Emotional Response at Maximum Rocknroll

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Sleaford Mods at Austin Town Hall

If you didn’t get your hands on last year’s Divide and Exit LP from the Sleaford Mods, then perhaps you missed the boat.  The UK act was all over year end lists, and I’ve got a certain fondness for the duo.  Musically, they’re definitely in the vein of punk rock: brutal all the way.  But, what’s more punk to me are the vocals from Jason.  It’s semi-spoken word, semi-rap, yet there’s no subject matter that’s off limits, including relegation rovers, QPR.  They’ve got a 7″ featuring one of the catchy tracks off that LP, but it’ll have an exclusive B-Side, which we also have below.  Emotional Response is responsible for the single, so get it while it’s hot! Here’s “A Little Ditty” and “I’m Shit at It.”


Sleaford Mods at Broadway World Music

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Sleaford Mods at Louder Than War

These guys don’t mess around when it comes to releasing new material. 2014 was a stupendously prolific year for the duo and true to form they’ve shot off the starting blocks again this year with a new two track 7″ single, limited to 2000 copies (it was originally 1000 but they all sold out so they bumped it to 1500, but they all sold out, so they… you get the picture!) which can be streamed in full below.

Here’s the full Sleaford Mods output from 2014 according to Wikipedia (which, as we know, is never wrong) …

  • Divide and Exit (2014, Harbinger Sound)
  • Tiswas EP (2014, Invada)
  • Chubbed Up – The Singles Collection, digital (2014, self-release)
  • Retweeted – 2006-2012, 2xLP (2014, Salon Alter Hammer)
  • Chubbed Up +, CD (2014, Ipecac) [with additional tracks]

Not bad eh? And now we’ve got our first 2015 release from the band. Granted only one of these tracks on this single is new, but that’s still cause for celebration right? Especially when you listen to the song, titled I’m Shit At It, featuringadditional vocalist John Paul. Utterly scathing and utterly brilliant. It’s backed with A Little Ditty, taken, of course, from “Divide And Exit” LP.

Hit up your local independent record shop if you want a copy – but be quick!

Anyway, you ain’t here to read my crap. Listen to I’m Shit At It right here and right now:

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Sleaford Mods at Music-News

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Sleaford Mods at Backseat Mafia

There’s not a band around at the moment like Sleaford Mods. The Nottingham two piece deliver minimalist beats punk beats courtesy of Andrew Fearn, and the people’s poetry of Jason Williamson, at once commenting on the social issues that affect us all, at another full of enthusiasm and humour, has this startlingly abrupt brilliance about it.

They’re back with a new single, Litttle Ditty / I’m shit at it, out via Emotional Rsponce on Monday (9th February). The A side is taken from the bands top ten album ‘Divide and Exit’, and starts with this punkish bassline, as Williamson spouts his wisdom over the track, as the band prove once again they’ve got the ability to both make you smile and make you think. Flip side ‘I’m shit at it’ is once again that the band can work using even the most minimal of musical lines, their midland drawl.hovering over everything, as they extols the virtues or otherwise of being, well, shit at mostly everything, before this dark bassline and drum provides the backing for tales from the everyday ‘f***ing’ life (the mods own words).

The world needs The Sleaford Mods.