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Eureka California at Austin Town Hall

We tried to hype you all to Eureka California for SXSW this year, and we’re right back on that glorious hype machine screaming for you to turn this track up real loud. Jake opens up this track, singing atop a steadied guitar line; you can feel the tension bend as Marie begins to build the force from the background. Then bang…distortion, smashing cymbals and a crunchy bit of guitar pop come ripping through your speakers; it’s the perfect execution of the quietLoudquiet concept. If you haven’t gotten into this band yet, well, I’m sorry, but you’ll get a chance when the group drop their new Roadrunners LP on May 4th via HHBTM.


Eureka California at Immersive Atlanta

When artists have been playing shows for an extended period of time, the desire to evolve as a musician either becomes an obsession that rides roughshod over whatever made them interesting in the first place, or the artist gets caught in the loop of what made them successful in the past. It’s been over 10 years for Eureka California creator Jake Ward, yet so far he hasn’t succumbed to either extreme, choosing instead to explore every possible angle of chunky, organic rock and roll (please don’t sue me Campbell’s® Soup), without deviating from his roots as an insightful bedroom songwriter.

“Threads,” the first single off the duo’s upcoming LP Roadrunners, picks up where the band left off with 2016’s Versus, a fiery ode to Athens filled with a depth of insight I hadn’t seen from the band before. Ward and drummer Marie Uhler continue to confront the tinnitus hum of dead-end jobs, the mortality of relevance, and in this case, the existential threat of nuclear annihilation, which still takes a backseat to the more mundane headaches of life.

The duo have always had a bombastic charm, often barely able to keep up with their own onslaught. Each riff charges out of Ward’s amp with a mind of its own leaving lyrics and rhythm struggling in the wake. This blunt-force energy makes Eureka California tracks impossible to ignore, but “Threads” proves that Ward can tame the beast without losing the fire. The sharpened ‘90s alternative sound is a tantalizing way forward for the band, who have experimented with everything from lo-fi emo jams to noise rock. Give it a listen below.


Eureka California at Austin Town Hall

One of our favorite duos from Athens, GA just dropped a brand new tune off their forthcoming LP. Like all great track from Eureka California this one drops in at just over 2 minutes, but it packs a ferocious punch. Drummer Mary Uhler is back there furiously pounding her kit, setting a quick pace that forces Jake to push ahead with both vocals and guitars. It’s a breakneck speed, indie rock speaking, but the slight vocal inflection in Jake’s voice give just the slightest hint at pop sensibility. They’re also going to be one of the hot tickets at SXSW, with everyone clamoring to catch them live. Roadrunners will be released by HHBTM on May 4th. Check the song out below, with their SXSW dates included.


Eureka California at Flagpole

Eureka California

TITLE: Roadrunners
WHAT TO EXPECT: Athens’ favorite indie-pop duo is planning to release its fourth album in April or May via HHBTM. An early listen reveals that Roadrunners continues the band’s streak of catchy tunes with biting and often funny lyrics. There are several highlights throughout the album’s 30-minute run time, but keep a special eye out for the tracks “Mexican Coke” and “SWDs.”


Eureka California at Get It On Vinyl

What got into to Eureka California? Just last year we were reviewing their sophomore LP, Crunch, and going off about how much we dig their ability to make power pop excellence with a minimalist line up, fierce guitars and gut pounding drums courtesy of Marie Uhler.

It would appear that with their new LP, Versus, they were simply waiting for the leash to be cut, and oh has it ever. Versus is a fast paced, white knuckle ride into pop punk supremacy. The A-side dominates in tempo. The opening track, “Eureka California’s Night In” sounds most like their previous work with the energy level threatening to blow out the speakers. Without hitting the breaks, “Sign My Name with an X” opens with so much thrash we fear the needle jumping the groove. Jake Ward’s vocals are mixed expertly and somehow do not get drowned out. Ward has that unique quality, being able to find distinction and rise above everything.

One of our favorite tracks is “Realizing Your Actuality.” The song sounds like a mid-90’s Tripping Daisy cut. The lyrics are short but the guitars absolutely dominate. The outro is a submersion into alt-rock paradise.

Luckily the album also allows you to catch your breath. Tracks like “Everybody Had a Hard Year” and “Fear and Loathing in the Classic City” give us Ward solo with an acoustic. While they certainly bring the energy level out of the stratosphere, they frame the LP sides nicely.

By far our favorite track on this stellar LP is “I Will Write Mine Over Potomac.” The lyrics grow deep, the metaphors are more cryptic, and between the soft vocals and guitar sessions everything melds together in full force and there is a moment of pure rock nirvana.

Whatever did happen to Eureka California that made them reach this level, it was an excellent move. Crank it up. Kick the amp. Versus is quite possibly best rock record you will hear all year.

The Vinyl

Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records continues their dedication to releasing top notch LP’s. Pressed on translucent green wax, the LP includes a full color jacket, download card, and lyric sheet. Pick up a copy from your local independent record store or directly from HHBTM Records.



Eureka California at AllMusic

Over the course of two albums, the Athens, Georgia duo Eureka California staked out a place as breezy, fast-working punk-poppers with a foot in the twee pop world and a healthy obsession with the slacker noise of the early to mid-’90s. Their third album, Versus, is still firmly in that realm, but singer/guitarist Jake Ward and drummer Marie A. Uhler have upgraded in two important ways. Firstly, their songwriting keeps getting better. The first two albums were catchy and fun, occasionally very sticky. This time around, almost all of them sound like half-forgotten gems from the ’90s or tracks that would brighten any modern noise pop mixtape. Secondly, the sound of the album is worlds ahead of the first two. It’s their first done in a real studio and the production by HookwormsMJ gives them a huge sound, with Ward’s guitar nothing short of immense. It sounds like he dropped his amp down a flight of stairs and shook everything loose in all the right ways. Another guitarist may have taken it into the shop for repairs; Ward cranks it up all the way instead. It’s fuzzy, thick, and heavy, and threatens to drown every song in gooey noise. Luckily, Uhler is up to the task of battling Ward’s noise and their duel is a thrilling thing to hear. Ward has to up his vocal game too, something that only gives the album more urgency and drama. Songs like “Cobwebs on the Wind” and “Sign My Name with an X” jump out of the speakers, ready to bludgeon everything in sight with frantic abandon. Others have a less energetic approach. “Realizing Your Actuality” and “I Will Write Mine Over Potomac” have some resigned restraint, though the guitar never stops sounding like a deranged and broken beast of some kind. Only the acoustic songs on the second half of the album give the listener a breather. Overall, the album is a giant leap forward for Eureka California, giving the duo’s fun songs and peppy outlook a welcome dose of slime and live-wire energy. Versus is a thrilling, skillfully done makeover that took a good band and pushed it in the direction of great.


Eureka California at Broadway World Music

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Eureka California at Performer


Eureka California at Pop Shifter

Making a lot of music in a short amount of time can result in one of two very different outcomes: slapdash garbage or effortless fabrication. Versus is Eureka California’s third release in three years, and demonstrates the latter. The record has a sense of urgency that showcases the band’s hunger, rather than just being an outpouring of unnecessary noisy drivel.

The album encompasses exactly what a good garage rock band sounds like: youthful, gritty, and naturally sloppy. And while the songs featured on the group’s latest effort aren’t outright original, there is a sense of identity with the genre that it falls into.

An impressive feat for Versus is that the album incorporates different themes and styles, without sounding incoherent. The majority of the tracks are quick, two-minute punk songs with a couple of notable ones being “Sign My Name With An X” and “Sober Sister,” but there are a few slower, acoustic songs, like “Fear and Loathing In The Classic City” and “Everybody Had A Hard Year,” that act as a delectable palate cleanser.

Perhaps the most fleshed out track on Versus is “Realizing Your Actuality.” Only one of two songs over three minutes, an added level of polish helps it stand above the rest. While still fitting in with the tone of the record, there is a special kind of magic attached to it that the others don’t have.

The album artwork is bright and colorful, just like the music. The cover features a vibrant yellow background and a slew of green tequila bottles with the duo’s faces drawn on. When coupled together, the playfulness of the art gives the album a new flavor.

Eureka California isn’t the type of band to take over the world. Instead, they are more likely to take over your playlist for an extended amount of time due to their solid effort with Versus. The record is fun and angsty, without being insolent, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys modern punk music.


Eureka California at Power of Pop

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Eureka California is a self-described ‘catchy garagey rock and roll band’.  Eureka California has existed in some form or fashion since 2007, but closer to this version since 2010 viz. Jake Ward – guitar/vocals & Marie A. Uhler – drums. Versusis the duo’s third LP.

Straightforward alt-rock songs that recall 90s ‘slacker’ rock. Every song sounds like a unique entity in its own right, with thought and effort going into the tunes and arrangements. But if attitude is all, then Eureka California trumps most of the hipster poseurs out there. They come across like the real deal i.e. out of the 90s!

“Eureka California’s Night In”, “Sign My Name with an X”, “Sober Sister”, “Fear and Loathing in the Classic City”.

Sounds Like
Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, Gumball, Eugenius.

Bottom Line
A glorious revocation of the early 90s when alt-rock suddenly ruled the airwaves.

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