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Moon Types at Magnet

Moon Types is a Swedish band with a new seven-inch called “Know The Reason.” MAGNET is offering up the title track today, a horn-laden, bass-heavy, easy-going kind of tune with some Beatles influence in the vocals. “Know The Reason” is available now via Jigsaw Records. Download it below.


Moon Types at Finest Kiss

Take a little bit of Ladybug Transistor and some Pelle Carlberg and the Bee Gees and you get an idea of what Stockholm, Sweden’s Moon Types are up to on their debut single. Moon Types remind me of a time not long ago when every week featured a new band from Sweden. It’s cooled down a little since those days, I suppose all of those bands like Park Hotell, Popundret, Boolteans, Carpet People, Liechtenstein, Wannadies, Rough Bunnies andShout Out Louds have all hung up the rock and roll spandex to settle into lives out of the indiepop spotlight.

Know the Reason features a wonderful trumpet and a jangly riff that could thaw the iciest of hearts. Nothing’s Holy and Do It All Over Again have a slight country tinge to them, but it’s Swedish country so they kick up a different sort of dust. It’s nice to see there’s a new band from Sweden pick up the indiepop torch again.

You can stream and buy Moon Types’ single from their record label Jigsaw Records.


Moon Types at Innocent Words

Moon Types hail from Sweden and play sugary sweet, jangly pop songs on this three-song 7-inch ‘Know the Reason.’

Formed by Jesper Klein and Stephen Naron on guitar and bass, respectively, the four-piece is rounded out by Jesper Nyrén on drums and Josefin Klein on keyboards and vocals. The band draws influences from modern bands such as Real Estate and The War on Drugs, as well as indie veterans Yo La Tengo and Teenage Fanclub with their bouncing rhythms and male/female harmonies.

The title track features Mirjam Pettersson adding a nice trumpet piece to the song, while “Nothing’s Holy” is driven by clean arpeggio guitar picking. The third song, “Do It All Over Again,” is my favorite of the three, with its echoed E-bow guitar slide and duet of the Klein siblings.

Moon Types’ ‘Know The Reason’ 7-inch is the reason it is cool to have EPs on vinyl again; these three tracks will get you up moving around and shaking your head to the poppy grooves.


Moon Types at Mad Mackerel

Moon Types hail from Sweden and their latest three track EP features a set of easy-going and jangly indie-pop songs in the vein of Ladybug Transistor and Real Estate.

Have a listen to lead track, Know The Reason with its instantly catchy melody and bouncy feel. You can order the EP from Jigsaw Records here.


Lunchbox, Moon Types at Linear Tracking Lives!

Today’s vacation shot is of Devils Punch Bowl in Otter Rock, Oregon. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach known for great whale watching and surfing. During low tide, the tide pools and rocks make for some fascinating investigation, but you don’t want to be around the bowl during high tide. The water churns and foams in a most violent way. It’s really cool to watch from above. If you’re down there, though, your ultimate demise is imminent. During winter storms, the water in the bowl is known to rotate like a toilet in mid flush. How’s that for a visual?

We took a long walk from Beverly Beach State Park north to Devils Punch Bowl. Everyone was pretty tired after all of that exploration, and nobody in my family was excited to take the trek back to the park. I seemed like a selfless hero when I suggested I could go it alone to Beverly, hop in the van and drive to the Devils Punch Bowl viewpoint to pick up everyone. Truth is, I wanted to go for a run and listen to music along the way. You steal these moments when you can. Here was my soundtrack of new sounds during the jog:

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Moon Types at Whisperin and Hollerin

This is, as far as I know, the debut 7″ single by Moon Types: a cool Swedish jangle pop band. Opening the A-side is the titular song: a very cool indie-pop song with some neat muted trumpet. In the lyric, the singer tells his ex that he knows the reason why he’s been dumped. It’s worth hearing for the trumpet playing alone.

The second song is Nothing’s Holy: a very gentle song about trying to make up. It’s very restrained and reminds me of The Lilac Time and The Pastels’ style of fey pop.

Once you flip the single over for Do It All Over Again, you get another slice of break up indie pop as if they want to be the new Greg Kihn Band if they had been signed to Postcard Records rather than Beserkeley while ignoring all the records their parents own on Silence Records.


Moon Types at Bee Hive Candy

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Moon Types at Bluesbunny

Sometimes I wonder what they put in the water in Stockholm. Whatever it might be, it would perhaps explain the perfect parodies of any American musical genre that bands from that city can generate. Moon Types are from Stockholm and, with the three tracks on their “Know The Reason” single, they show a certain mastery of the rocky road that runs between indie pop and folk rock.

From that comment, you can probably deduce that Moon Types are not the type of band to challenge anybody’s conceptions of anything. That said, their lightweight and easy on the ear sound makes the most of any and all available melody and with the wistful male and female voices working hard at avoiding stridency, their songs could rightfully be described as sugar coated.

Of the songs, it is no surprise that “Know The Reason” is the most commercial song here with every bar containing the distilled goodness of indie pop. “Nothing’s Holy”, on the other hand, threatens much but delivers only melancholy while “Do It All Over Again” takes the band all the way back in time to the heyday of jingle jangle American west coast folk rock.

So, while Moon Types never stray far from the straight and narrow, it can safely be said that they do what they do well.


Moon Types at When You Motor Away

Sweden produces more than its share of jangling guitar pop bands, but we are always delighted to learn of another one.  The latest to please our ears is Stockholm’s Moon Types, a quartet skilled in the art of jangling indie pop and power pop, with an interesting hint of country in the arrangement.  If you are like us, it will only take a listen to the title track of their new Know The Reason 7″ to become a fan.  It touches all the necessary elements for a great jangle pop song, and then puts frosting on the confection with a trumpet.  The other two tracks on the single, “Nothing’s Holy” and “Do It All Over Again” will continue the welcome assault on your pleasure center, with perfect doses of dusty, melancholy, California jangle.  Pour yourself a nice summer beverage and relax under the moonlight with Sweden’s Moon Types.