Muuy Biien DYI Review at Flagpole

On D.Y.I., Muuy Biien’s second full-length, the band harnesses all the energy, bile, spite and brilliance of its debut to create a record that is more controlled and more sonically varied but every bit as immediate. The result is staggering. The album is fast and loud, but repeated listens reveal it to be remarkably restrained in its… Continue reading Muuy Biien DYI Review at Flagpole

Muuy Biien

“Nobody hangs up on me. We’re through! Oh…uh, and one more thing. I’ve been cheating on you!” Those words ring true when you’re living in denial and enjoying the short lived euphoria of a funhouse reality. I never know when the party starts or when the party ends. Confusion is bliss sometimes. Muuy biien annihilates… Continue reading Muuy Biien

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