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Pia Fraus at Stereo Embers

One of the very very coolest things about writing for Stereo Embers and just being generally plugged in to the indie/shoegaze/post-punk/whatever other insanely energetic and inventive sub-genre you care to mention, is having tracks like this laid at our doorstep with the singularly express request that we broadcast it out to the wider world, a request which, in many instances, is met with some restraint but on rare occasions such as the following, released October 13 on über-cool, righteously solid Portland label Shelflife, we are giddy with the glorious opportunity that has landed in our laps like manna from the promotional heavens. “Sugar High of the Year,” from Estonia’s dreamy dreampop titans Pia Fraus forthcoming album Field Ceremony, is a relentless slab of gorgeous, driving, shoegazed wonder that limns the sublime line between My Bloody Valentine and Pale Saints (a particular favorite around the shoegaze water cooler here at SEM). Sumptuous, powerful, hypnotic, the track speaks its concise volumes about the promise of album proper. We are, as they say, agog with anticipation.


Pia Fraus at Big Takeover

The dream-pop veterans Pia Fraus are back with their first full-length album in almost a decade. Released on Seksound (Europe), Shelflife (US), and Vinyl Junkie Recordings(Japan), Field Ceremony is a triumphant return for the band, bringing back their signature dream-pop sounds alongside fresh takes on pop structures.

Pia Fraus started in 1998 in Tallinn, Estonia. They released four studio albums: Wonder What It’s Like (2001), In Solarium (2002), Nature Heart Software (2006), and After Summer(2008), plus a handful of EPs and singles. Latest LP Field Ceremony was mixed and mastered on analog desk by Lauri Liilvak.

The band members delve into the details behind the making of their newest album, explaining, “Field Ceremony is not Pia Fraus’ comeback album. It’s our fifth full length album that needed some rest before it could be made; some ripening, inspiration, and thinking things over. This album is an emotional journey along soundscapes and feelings. You’ll surely find hints and quotes from our former albums, something familiar and something to surprise you. The music has been influenced by musical and other events that have happened meanwhile. Maybe you can spot some Imandra Lake and Wolfredthere. We were sad when our good friend and guitarist Tõnis left the band. And then we were happy to have the opportunity to work with Kristel Eplik, who sang on Wonder What It’s Like and on In Solarium. Also our former drummer Joosep Volk is back with us, producing our music videos.”

The Big Takeover is pleased to premiere Field Ceremony in its entirety. Bright and tight folk-pop melodies sparkle amid the delicate, contemplative, harmonic vocal diffusion. A diaphanous haze to briskly driving shoegaze-leaning guitars and robust to subdued drumming sweep to the lowering clouds…


Pia Fraus at Magnet Magazine

Dream-pop band Pia Fraus will release debut album Field Ceremony on October 13 via Shelflife. We suggest listening to and/or downloading new single “Never Again Land,” a soft, melodic tune filled with counter-punching guitar strums. It’s the perfect introduction to the band’s sound, and needless to say, you’re gonna love it. Check it out below.


Pia Fraus at Indie 30

Next month Tallinn shoegaze dream pop outfit Pia Fraus are set to release their first album in almost ten years, Field Ceremony. Until re-surfacing in late 2016 with the stunning psych tinged ‘Autumn Winds’, the last recording they’d produced was the 2008 synth pop infused release Summer Sun. As you would expect from the new album boasts all the hypnotically infectious elements that bring the best traditions of the aforementioned together and is a thoroughly thrilling ride. In an interview with Spanish blog The Blog That Celebrates Itself earlier this year, chief songwriter Rein Fuks suggested it would be their best album and nothing on here gives any suggestion he is wrong.

A number of singles have already been released in the lead up and the latest is the space laden album opener ‘It’s Over Now’. A deliberative steady beat and smooth repetitive bass tones are enjoined by atmospheric synths and a mixture of signature effects driven pitch-bends and bright and wiry guitar flourishes while the hazy vocal harmonies of twin vocalists Eve Komp and Fuks have never sounded better. Listen to ‘It’s Over Now’ along with previous singles ‘Never Again Land’ and the album closer ‘That’ Not All’ below. Also appearing on the album is the aforementioned ‘Autumn Winds’, that’s their too. Field Ceremony is out on vinyl on October 16 in Europe and Japan here on Seksound and Vinyl Junkie Records respectively and here three days earlier through Shelflife in North America.


Pia Fraus at Big Takeover

After releasing a string of singles starting in 2016, Pia Fraus are now releasing their first full-length album entitled Field Ceremony in almost a decade. Both the “Autumn Winds” and “That’s Not All” singles have been met with critical acclaim, creating anticipation for the forthcoming album.

On October 12th in the U.S. and Oct 16th in Europe and Japan, the decade-long wait for a new Pia Fraus album will be over. Released on Seksound (Europe), Shelflife (U.S.), and Vinyl-Junkie Records (Japan), Field Ceremony is a triumphant return for the band, bringing back their signature dream-pop sounds alongside fresh takes on pop structures.

From the beautifully composed pop delicacies of “No Filters Needed” to the almost slowcore dreaminess of “Don’t Tell Me How” to the explosive pop of “Sugar High of the Year”, Pia Fraus bring to the table a dream-pop brightness tinged with the more somber elements of life.

Eve Komp (vocals, synths, metallophone), Kärt Ojavee (synths), Rein Fuks (guitars, vocals, percussion), Reijo Tagapere (bass), and Margus Voolpriit (drums) come together once again to produce Field Ceremony. Former member Kristel Eplik returns to record backing vocals and Pia Fraus’ former drummer, Joosep Volk, also returned to direct the video for “That’s Not All”. The album has been mixed and mastered on analog desk by the band’s longtime friend Lauri Liilvak.

Field Ceremony is a demonstration of the band’s continued contribution to the dream-pop genre. Fans will be pleased with the results and new listeners will be in for a treat as they encounter this long awaited new work from the dream-pop masters.

The Big Takeover is pleased to premiere the dreamily hazy, yet propulsive “It’s Over Now”. The song sweeps by like a brisk wind on an overcast day. Bass line undertow and an emphatic drum beat collide against airy vocals and warped guitar and synths uplift.

Fuks reveals, “I’ve always like repetitions, loops, and mantras. There is something hypnotic and powerful about them. “It’s Over Now” was actually the first track I wrote for Pia Fraus after an 8-year pause. I sat at my kitchen table with my acoustic guitar tuned down whole step, and I was thinking if it really was all over. So this is how Field Ceremony’s opening track was born.”


Pia Fraus at Austin Town Hall

It’s been just about ten years since we’ve gotten a proper full length from Estonia’s Pia Fraus, but by the sound of it, it was well worth the wait. They begin their journey back with this beautiful entry into their catalog, opening up with a bit of dreamy pop, bordering on elements of shoegaze. Soon, the song opens up, allowing for the perfect duet vocal performance, calm and delighting. Somehow the song feels brief, yet so enchanting that I can’t help but press play over and over and over. They’ll be releasing their new album Field Ceremony on October 13th via Shelflife Records.