Primitives Album Stream at Big Takeover

Holy crap! That was our response (actually rather more scatalogical) to the news that The Primitives — that brilliant but short-lived group of Coventry indie-poppers, contemporaries of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, and My Bloody Valentine, and authors of the 1988 international hit single “Crash” — had reunited to release their first album of new material since their… Continue reading Primitives Album Stream at Big Takeover

The Primitives at Sound it Out

Like a swingin’ 1960′s rave-up on amphetamines – OK, make that MORE amphetamines – “Petals,” the latest track by the UK’s The Primitives, kicks into high gear from the jump and doesn’t relent for an “Oh, I could listen for SO much longer” two-and-a-half minutes. But, of course, if it WERE longer than that, it wouldn’t… Continue reading The Primitives at Sound it Out

Primtives at Breaking More Waves

There’s a school of thought that says that once bands have split they shouldn’t reform. We’re not of that school. Not every band reforms for the money. As artists, sometimes the creative juices slow as the years pass and some may want to reinvigorate them by getting together again with the people who galvanised that… Continue reading Primtives at Breaking More Waves

Primitives at Read Junk

Hey remember that song from Dumb and Dumber called “Crash?” Well that Britpop band,The Primitives, are back and releasing their first new album since 1991/1992. The album is called Spin-O-Rama and will be released on October 14th via Elefant Records. [Link]

The Primitives at WithGuitars

Although the original line-up that THE PRIMITIVESstarted with in Coventry (England) included PJ Court (vocals, guitar), Keiron McDermott(vocals),Steve Dullaghan(bass) and Pete Tweedie(drums), before releasing their first and successful album, “Lovely”, in 1988, Tweedie had already been substituted by Tig Williams, and Mcdermott was replaced by the platinum blonde Tracy Tracy, the band’s true icon. Coming out of the independent scene that bands… Continue reading The Primitives at WithGuitars