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It’s funny. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand any of this talk about romance and relationships. That’s all girl stuff, base pleasures, distractions – and besides, I had my own fantasy worlds to explore. But now with the rolling of years – and a love life that still doesn’t exist – desire has led me up and over the mundane mindset of adulthood. And who better to guide a hopeless virgin like me in these mad frontiers than David Gedge, that impresario of passion, a true grown-up teenager who still swims with such grace and tenacity through chronicles of love?

Ah, me. Sometimes you can’t explain why a song lifts you up so quickly. That’s me with all my favorite Wedding Present songs, and that’s where I am with the new album, Going, Going.“Two Bridges” is the first rush of blood after the gorgeous portrait painted by the four opening tracks – and my god, how many bands half Gedge’s age can so consistently write such compact and wiry rock songs such as these? And how many, indeed, can pivot so elegantly from full throttle rendezvous to elegiac goodbye? That’s nothing new in the Weddo book, but then some books cry to be cracked open again.

The Wedding Present’s staggering new album Going, Going is out now on HHBTM. Order here


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The Wedding Present at Jammerzine

The Wedding Present deliver a brilliant and arresting audio piece with their new track “Kill Devil Hills”. Vibrant in execution and refreshing in delivery, The Wedding Present show that originality is alive and well in the indie scene with this all-too-short stomp-rocker. As the song says, “like a man, I know what I want” and that is more of The Wedding Present.

"Going, Going…"

“Going, Going…”

About The Wedding Present
‘Going, Going…’ is the title of the widely anticipated ninth studio album from UK indie darlings The Wedding Present but, in typical Wedding Present fashion… it’s not a conventional release! Going, Going… is out December 2nd in North America on HHBTM Records, the album tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty ‘linked’ songs, each with an accompanying short film.

They needed to stretch out; they needed the space. Going, Going… is the first double album in The Wedding Present’s long glorious career and it opens with four haunting instrumentals, as if David Gedge has been stunned into silence and is slowly working up the courage to speak, like when your loved one asks you what’s wrong and all you can manage to do is slowly shake your head. Finally, he collects himself and explodes into ‘Two Bridges’, and even then he’s only able to leave a voicemail message—he probably made sure to call when he knew she couldn’t answer.

Formed in 1985, The Wedding Present are one of the UK’s most longstanding and much-loved indie bands with eighteen UK Top 40 hit singles to their name. The Fall’s Mark E. Smith, in his northern-ness, his cantankerousness, is one of the few peers who can match David Gedge’s longevity, but Smith drifted into schtick years ago and has never made a record as open-hearted as this.

The album tells the story of a road trip across the US—or more accurately, the accumulation of thoughts collected during a road trip—over the course of 20 songs, each with its own accompanying short film. The music is literally cinematic, in many cases written while looking at photographs & film recorded during the journey.

Road trips allow the mind to drift. They give you time to think. And Going, Going… is more contemplative, more spiritual than anything they’ve ever done. If The Wedding Present have always been heard as a hyperactive frenzy, a torrent of emotion, Going, Going… is where they take a moment to reflect. And what they’ve ended up finding is even more terrifying. Adolescent dread is intense, but it’s the dread that comes w/middle-age that hits the deepest—the knowledge that monsters are real, and death isn’t a tragedy—that it’s as natural as the weather and every bit as inevitableThe lyrics are still as incisive (incisive as in creating an incision) as ever. Gedge points fingers everywhere—at himself & everyone in the room. Going, Going… is an album that sounds like it was made under great psychological distress, like if these songs didn’t get written then there might never be any more songs ever. The album’s theme gets clearly laid-out on ‘Fordland.’ I’m crossing time zones like it’s going out of style / Pretending that I know / Exactly what I’m doing with my life, meanwhile / I’m terrified of tomorrow.

The album propels from one bittersweet rush to another. There’s the hyperactive ‘Secretary’, the brutal irony in the chorus of ‘KIll Devil Hills’ as our protagonist, after nearly half an album of equivocations & self-doubt, describes himself as ‘a man who knows what he wants.’

It all builds to the epic finale of ‘Santa Monica’, from Maine all the way to California, from emotional desolation to a cautiously optimistic ending. As the singing ends and the guitars swell, swept away on several minutes of instrumental calm, it feels as if we’ve come full circle, only now the wordlessness is the product of satisfaction. The album title hints that this could be the end, and if so, what a lovely way to say goodbye.

Released in the UK two months ago on Scopitones, HHBTM is handling the US release, which comes out this November. The UK press is raving, and soon so won’t we all.

The Wedding Present is also excited to announce a 13-date tour of North America, where they will be supported by indie pop star Colleen Green.


Kleenex Girl Wonder Interview at Bandcamp Daily

There’s a long-standing belief that comedy is our primary means of dealing with tragedy. I feel like this year, we need to laugh more than anything.

You think of something like Trump, where it’s like… if you were looking at it on the surface from four years ago, you’d think maybe there were three or four jokes that could be made. But the reality is that it’s actually very fertile ground, right? I mean, you also have the means of distribution, which have changed. I’m thinking of Twitter, primarily—the use of Twitter is crazy compared to where it was four years ago. It was very much a niche thing, and now everybody’s gotten more comfortable with it. At the same time, it’s not always just jaded distancing humor. There’s a good way to use humor to get good ideas in people’s minds.

I’ve always had a compulsion to be funny. I don’t think that’s unhealthy. I had this epiphany maybe two years ago where I used to assume the number of types of things that could be funny was fixed. But then I was like, ‘No, that’s not the case; things that were funny 40 years ago may go away, but 10 times more different types of funny things have occurred, and that number keeps growing.’ It’s a valuable skill everywhere, too. You have to get your points across, but making people laugh is a way to have people empathize with you.

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The Wedding Present at Overblown

After nearly 30 years in the game, you’d forgive indie rock group The Wedding Presentfor slowing down and taking it easy. However, David Gedge, the spearhead of TWP, has no intention of doing so. The group’s latest work is a twenty song, double LP opus inspired by a cross country drive across America. On top of that, each song has an accompanying video.

Collectively, the work does not feel like a group of songs but a train of thought as instrumentals segue into rousing rock tracks and reflective love songs. You can listen to a selection from the album and watch a couple of the videos below the tour dates.


The Wedding Present at Austin Town Hall

I’m not sure where we draw the line at nostalgia. For the Wedding Present, their Bizarro tour garnered tons of press, but when they kept going with more new music, never skipping a beat, folks just turned a deaf ear. It’s sad, as they sound bigger and better than ever. I mean, if I were to ever have a complaint, which I don’t, it might be that some of their earliest LPs didn’t have the same quality production their new stuff does. David Gedge has such magnificent control of his voice, as you’ll hear in this song, particularly during the chorus. Put the past behind you, and enjoy the fact that the Wedding Present are as good, if not greater, than they ever were. Their latest LP, Going Going, will be out later this year via HHBTM.


Kleenex Girl Wonder at This is Not a Drill

Well, world, here we are. Today we persist in our non-drilling, with our first album premiere from those underdog poets of the indie rock underground, Kleenex Girl Wonder. Mind – they’ve dubbed their latest work The Comedy Album, but this staggering codex contains such pointed truths about the bubbled world we live in, that the jokes penetrate far deeper than you’d think. Thus, we at the This are thrilled to present some insight from the wordsmith himself, Graham Smith – although, in typical KGW style, his answers often invite more questions, some of which you didn’t even knew you had until just now. Dig in, guys.


The Wedding Present at Exclaim!

Last year, English indie popsters the Wedding Present announced plans for a new record titled Going, Going…, and while it’s taken a little longer than expected to arrive, it’s finally here next week. First, though, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive listen to “Kill Devil Hills” from the upcoming album.

As previously reported, the record weaves together 20 tracks, telling the story of a road trip across the United States. Anyone who has ever done a long stateside drive knows that the journey gives one plenty of time to get lost in thought, so it’s hardly surprising that Going, Going… hears the band delivering their most “contemplative” and “spiritual” material ever.

You can join the band along on their reflective, emotionally charged journey through America by streaming “Kill Devil Hills” in the player below. The band will once again embark on a trip across North American for an upcoming tour, and you can see those dates listed below, as well.

Going, Going… is officially out on December 2 through Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records.

Tour dates:

04/14 Washington, DC – Rock And Roll Hotel
04/15 Brooklyn, NY – Bell House
04/16 Boston, MA – Great Scott
04/17 Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz PDB
04/19 Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern
04/20 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
04/21 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
04/22 Minneapolis, MN – Turf Club
04/25 Seattle, WA – Crocodile
04/26 Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
04/28 San Francisco, CA – Independent
04/29 Los Angeles, CA – Echo
04/30 San Diego, CA – Casbah


Wedding Present Track Debut at Austin Town Hall

If you’ve been paying attention out there, you knew that Going Going, the newest album from The Wedding Present, was making its way to US shores. That’s important, as HHBTM Recordswill be releasing it here, but it’s also important to the narrative of the album, as the 20 songs were all written or based off a US road trip. Plus, each song is accompanied by a short film, which hopefully documents the trip itself. But, we’ll have to wait until November 18th to see, though in the meantime, jam this just released tune! It’s titled “Two Bridges,” which if you listen to the track below seems to be two wholly different bridges. Listen and find out why I say that.


Kleenex Girl Wonder at Power of Pop

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