Postal Blue at Innocent Words

‘Of Love and Other Affections’ (Jigsaw Records) is the second album from Brazil’s Postal Blue, who have been around (though not very actively) for nearly 18 years now with previous releases on Drive-In, Shelflife and Cloudberry Records. One listen and anyone could easily be convinced that this was a lost Sarah Records release, with its songs echoing the Orchids and Field Mice (in both their exuberant and melancholic moments) at some times, a less fragile Blueboy at others, and even Secret Shine at their dreamiest. The production is crystal clear and shimmers brightly throughout the entire 35 minutes of ‘Of Love and Other Affections,’ making it easy to see how it took so long to complete (you just can’t rush perfection!). Overall, this is a very beautiful batch of songs that will make you wistful for the indiepop days of old and elated that the torch is still being carried on…


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