Fishboy at DFW

Few local musicians burn with as much artistic ambition as Eric Michener. Working under the musical moniker Fishboy, the Denton-based singer-songwriter continually conceives dazzling pop projects with peculiar pedigrees. An Elephant, the latest Fishboy LP, is based upon the horrifying true story of Thomas Edison’s 1903 intentional, public electrocution of Topsy the elephant. Michener enlists bassist Scarlett Wright, drummer Graham Robinson and multi-instrumentalist Adam… Continue reading Fishboy at DFW

Fishboy at Entertainment Buddha

Fair warning: be careful of the results if you Google “Fishboy”. The band isn’t necessarily the top result. Anyway, if you like concept albums, be sure to check these guys out. This particular album jumps into the story of Thomas Edison and the killing of an elephant that was electrocuted while Edison was showing everyone how dangerous… Continue reading Fishboy at Entertainment Buddha

Fishboy at Allmusic

Fishboy‘s leader Eric Michener has a thing for concept albums. After one (Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll) about trying to save Texas with the help of Buddy Holly‘s ghost and one (Classic Creeps) about a group of interconnected fake people, the band delves into the story… Continue reading Fishboy at Allmusic

Fishboy at Denton Record Chronicle

An Elephant, Fishboy’s new album and book about the ghost of a pachyderm, is a study in the 12 stages of revenge — where Stage 1 is the bloodthirsty desire to avenge your death; Stage 10 is forgiveness, paving the way for the final stage, redemption; and Stage 5 is revulsion and disgust over discovering… Continue reading Fishboy at Denton Record Chronicle

Fishboy at Fandomania

… Like maybe Fishboy’s album about Topsy, the elephant that Thomas Edison electrocuted. If you don’t know that story, well, it makes for an interesting read over on Wikipedia. Especially since it may not have played out the way we all thought it did. Regardless, Edison was a prettyterrible man who definitely did electrocute cats and dogs… Continue reading Fishboy at Fandomania