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Antlered Aunt Lord at Music That I Like

Reinforcement, and it feels so good.

Reinforcement, and I can pretend to myself that I connect with certain people, certain ways of seeing. This next bit is from the PR (whom I know by default): “Antlered Aunt Lord is entirely Jesse Stinnard, a guy who’s spent the past ten years in Athens, Georgia as a cherished eccentric in a town…”

I am suspicious of the word eccentric, like I am suspicious of people who turn the volume on their computers too high, like I would never entirely trust an academic who does not entirely distrust Adorno. This music however has been lurking around the back of my computer for months now. (I look inside, and there is no back. It is like the TARDIS in there. OrTron.) It helps reassure, reaffirm, reinforce. No challenge, but that is OK. Kinda music it is damnably easy to attribute personal attributes to (cuddly, friendly, awkward, clumsy). WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Music does not have human traits. It is music. It is sound and noise and context jumbled up, sometimes deliberately. Or rather, with intent. It will shout down doors, unlock openings.

Who knows what would happen if someone was to stumble across a whole new way of listening? No one would pay attention, I am sure. It is not in the vested interest.

Stuff like this is the Pixies playing like they still have fun at playing being the Pixies (which they patently do not). Pixies given the freedom to enjoy music. Pixies allowed to give vent.

I do not want to labour this point, but I am also suspicious of gungemusic. The next song may well remind you of the same band it reminds me of. Ain’t that sweet? Group hug. Panda eyes. I would almost rather hear a reinvention of this. I said almost rather. I am playing this album for reinforcement, remember? The sounds lurking round the back of my TARDIS of a computer are not there so that I can avoid the journey but to help me facilitate the journey. Most music is a matter of Photoshopping one sound onto the next. I read somewhere that authors often take 95% of their inspiration from other authors but I DO NOT DO THAT. That is the problem with us eccentrics. No sense of How To Get On In This World.

I like yr Antlered Auntlord for the same reason I like this, or this. Pop Music.

Reinforcement or retirement? I like my rock music scuzzed-up. I like my pop music clean. Or is it the other way round? Music is so confusing these days.

Track five is a sea shanty.

Like I say, this has been lurking round the back of my computer for a couple of months now.


Antlered Auntlord at Innocent Words

TEN: For the past two years, each Friday, Innocent Words has put the spotlight on up and coming artists/bands with 10 questions we like to call IW10. The tradition continues…

Athens, Georgia via Huddleston, Virginia

Members and instruments:
Hands: picks and sticks
Feet: boots and flats,
Fingers: rings and fingernails
Head: ponder box

Short bio (in your own words):
You’ve come upon an abandoned house in the woods. In the frigid winter wind you hear the strains of music coming from the house. Parts of a song you swear you have heard before, maybe a little too loud, definitely out of tune. Though all the doors are locked you find a broken window you can just slip in without cutting yourself on the broken glass. The house is empty, except for
Whatever nature has let in, debris, leaves, mice. The sounds get louder as you approach the entrance of an upstairs room. You open the door.

What is your favorite hometown spot (restaurant, bar, coffee house, etc.) that you visit when you return home from tour?
Our basement, Wintry records, bizarro wuxtry

What is Your Funniest or Worst Tour Story?
Tour Story 4: Coming Out of Their Shells

What THREE things are a must have when you go on tour or play a show?

A vehicle, cash, booked shows (though this can be optional as needed)

What is your most cherished album by another artist?
Divine – 12″ collection

If you had to record an EP of covers, which FIVE songs/artist would make the cut?
Nancy Sinatra “These boots are made for walking”
Kylie Minogue “Can’t get you out of my head”
Liz Phair “Never said”
Breeders “Saints”
Cyndi Lauper – that song from “The Goonies”

What Are Your Future plans?
First Act: More music, more albums, tours, inevitable backlash. Second Act: Decent into drugs and alcohol. Third Act: Unexpected comeback, elder statesmanship, gardening, gardening, gardening, and then death.

Where Can We Hear Your Music?
At shows, Soundcloud, Youtube, and my house.



Try the Pie, Antlered Auntlord, SPC ECO at Examiner

Try the Pie

Try The Pie is Bean Tupou’s labor of love. With the highly regarded Domestication under her belt Tupou has released – Rest – a collection of songs from 2005 – 2008. The 13 self-recorded tracks allow listeners to partake in Tupou’s music at the embryonic level. The tunes are stripped down to just her voice and a guitar as she sings about things that are on her mind. The songs on Rest weave in and out of relationship issues, love and living life with Tupou using hot days, trains and bunkbeds as metaphors. The raw sound lends to the frailty of this collection of songs. They are imperfect just like life. Tupou’s voice is at the forefront of this album baring its naked soul for all to judge and it is her wispy vocals that give each track its strength. Try The Pie demonstrates that a catchy melody and strong lyrics make a great song. Big productions have their place, luckily for listeners it is not on this record.

Antlered Aunt Lord

The debut record from Antlered Aunt Lord – Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and On Fire) – is a wild trip through the mind of Jesse Stinnard (Tunnabunny). The record suffers from multiple personality disorder as Stinnard gives us songs that range from brilliance to what the hell was that. The tracks “Monopilot” and “Questions From Our Publicist” utilize catchy pop melodies and jangly guitars allowing Stinnard’s vocals to flow freely over this incredible soundscape into listener’s ears. Stinnard refuses to be safe and many times wanders into an area that walks the thin line between noise and music. A wall of noise rushes from the speakers on “Abandoned Car”, “Classic Nu New Uncomfortable Bumblebee Dub” is a weird jazz infused tune and “Sciatica” is a chunky punk infused track the rattles the brain. It is this inconsistency in Antlered Aunt Lord’s tunes that makes this different and worth listening to. With each listen something different is discovered as Stinnard mixes a plethora of instruments, sounds and noises throughout the album. The 19 songs keep listeners wondering what comes next as they progress through each track. Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and On Fire) draws comparisons to the eclectic albums by Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices). There is no set pattern nor plan to the music it is just there to enjoy.


Consisting of Rose Berlin, Dean Garcia and a group of collaborators that could take all day to list make up SPC ECO. In 2015 SPC ECO released Dark Matter, a collection of esoteric music built around haunting melodies, synthesized sounds and Berlin’s soothing vocals. Listeners are sucked into SPC ECO’s soundscape on a journey that seems to slow down time. Songs such as “Creep In The Shadows”, “Under My Skin” and “Breathe” are beautiful demonstrations in music showing how delicate it can be. With “The Whole World Shines” and “Let It Always Be” things get a bit more experimental. The music has an edge but Berlin’s vocals keep it from careening out of control. Dark Matter is an album that requires a bit of investment from the listeners. The traditional song structure is not there but Berlin’s & Garcia’s ability to stray from the musical norm is what makes this worth the listen.