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Witching Waves at Atlas & The Anchor

(The London post-punk trio – Emma Wigham, Mark Jasper, and Ed Shellard – released their sophomore album, Crystal Café today via Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.  On it they whip up a furious blend of noisy, fuzzed out guitar tones and frenzied rhythms with catchy dream-pop appeal.  Check out the tone-setting opening track and standout single here with its twisty early Sleater-Kinney-like riffs and riotous melodies.)


Fireworks at Atlas and the Anchor

(On the heels of their two successful singles and self-titled EP, the London-based band, consisting of Emma Hall (Pocketbooks), Matthew Rimell (Big Pink Cake), visual artist Isabel Albiol, and Shaun Charman (The Wedding Present/ThePopguns), released their highly-anticipated debut album, Switch Me On this week via Shelflife Records.  With alternately fuzzy and shimmering guitars, infectiously danceable rhythms and instantly catchy classic pop melodies they create an explosion of punk-fuelled pop on their very promising debut.)


Lunchbox at Atlas and the Anchor

Lunchbox – “Tom, What’s Wrong?” (Now a duo, Tim Brown and Donna McKean recently returned with Lunchbox Loves You, their first album in over ten years.  Released on Jigsaw Records, the excellent new album is a sugar rush of fuzzed-out 60’s bubblegum-inspired dreampop with jangly guitars, bursts of bright horns and strings and insanely catchy melodies reminiscent of the 60’s-indebted indie-pop Apples In Stereo and Dressy Bessy released in the 90’s.)



Cosines at Atlas and the Anchor

Cosines – “Commuter Love” (London’s newest indie-pop band recently released their second 7” single via the UK’s Fika Recordings.  Led by the sweet vocals of Alice Hubley, the 5-piece band experiments with a little of everything including krautrock and glam rock.  The results – the synth-driven A-side, “Commuter Love” which combines a propulsive rhythm with catchy New Wave melodies and the infectiously fun B-side, “Disclosed Stores” that finds the band combining twee melodies, jangly guitars, a jaunty rhythm and horns from guest Ben Phelan of the Apples In Stereo – is a sound that keeps you guessing and coming back for more.)


Luxembourg Signal at Atlas and the Anchor

“Distant Drive” (The exciting new project from members of Aberdeen, Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars, released their debut 7” single via Shelflife Records last week.  The A-side is upbeat dream-pop laced with skyward synths, a propulsive rhythm of jangly guitars and pounding drums and swaying female vocal melodies.  “Wishing Pool”, the B-side is a Broiler Room session demo with hints of surf rock.  Elements of their prior bands run parallel with more modern flourishes for a new sound with tons of promise.)