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Blessed Isles at For the Rabbits

It’s been five years, and four different states in the making, but the debut album from Brooklyn duo, The Blessed Isles sounds like it was time well spent. You’ll have to wait until next month to hear the fruits of the bands labours, but today we’re delighted to share their new single, Confession.

Whilst The Blessed Isles are a band who embrace the dreamy-wash so favoured by the current shoe-gaze revivalists, what makes them stand out is their unwillingness to compromise their natural pop instincts. Beneath Confession’s hazy synth-blur are hooks, and lots of them, they take influence from the shifting sands of alternative British-pop whether they come in the shape of Human League like drum-machine beats, or the chiming guitars of New Order.

In era where so many acts are happy to produce pleasant but forgettable sonic-dreamscapes, The Blessed Isles are a band who take those pillars and turn them into something all together more interesting, but don’t take our word for it, listen to Confession below.


Blessed Isles at Austin Town Hall

Going far out on a limb here, but you’re probably not going to find a finer piece of dreamy pop music this week than that of The Blessed Isles. There’s so many elements within the confines of this piece, yet it all comes off as if it’s something so simple. There’s a wash of guitars looping, atmospheric touches and synthetic beats…and that’s without even looking at the polished softness of singer Aaron Closson. This track is sure to be a centerpiece of the band’s debut, Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night, but it should also be a centerpiece to those of you who adore the finer bits of pop music. Look for the album on May 20th via Saint Marie Records.


Blessed Isles at With Guitars

They say good things come to those who wait, and in the case of Brooklyn’s The Blessed Isles, the adage bears out. After five years of recording in studios across four states, the band stands poised to inject a much-needed dose of substance into the shoegaze bloodstream with their debut LP, Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night. Not satisfied to merely recreate the genre’s trademark textures, vocalist and guitarist Aaron Closson (The Hourly Radio) and multi-instrumentalist Nolan Thies (N?TIONS) put a premium on songcraft, fashioning melodies that seamlessly reinforce the telltale shoegaze soundscape. At their core, these are finely wrought pop songs that would shine in any genre, but are fully realized in the gossamer intricacies and stentorian pulse of Straining.


Blessed Isles at Joy of Violent Movement

Comprised of Aaron Closson (guitar and vocals), best known as a member of The Hourly Radio and multi-instrumentalist Nolan Thies, best known as a member of N?TIONS, Brooklyn-based shoegaze duo The Blessed Isles specialize in a sound that is heavily indebted to 80s Brit Pop, New Wave and of course, shoegaze; in fact, as you’ll hear on “Caroline,” the first single off the duo’s long-awaited full-length effort Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night, the band’s sound seems to draw from New Order, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins as the duo pairs Closson’s plaintive vocals with shimmering delay pedal fed guitar chords, propulsive boom-bap 808s, and ambient-like synths to craft a swooning and introspective song with an urgently anthemic pulse.


Blessed Isles at Primal Music Blog

Brooklyn based experimental shoegazing duo ‘The Blessed Isles’ are about to unleash their debut full length album entitled‘Straining Hard Against The Strength Of Night’ to the masses via the ever reliable Saint Marie Records on the 20th May 2016. The first single to be taken from the aforementioned album is called ‘Caroline’ and it highlights the bands incapsulating ability to produce a stunning mix of subtle dream pop & impressive shoegazing standards that hold firm to both genre’s original core values. Put simply, ‘The Blessed Isles’ create stunning pictures through the medium of sound.

‘Caroline’ shuffles into the sonic arena on wave of swirling sonic frequencies, addictive guitar lines & impressive sequenced drum pattern’s that completely ingulf the senses from the very first note. Add into the mix those stunning bursts of magical synth swells and the irresistibly melodic chord structures that gently caress the soaring vocal arrangement and we’re truly hearing ‘The Blessed Isles’ full sonic potential.

This is definitely recommended listening …….

‘The Blessed Isles’ debut album ‘Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night’ is available to pre-order right now