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Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at Indiepop Love

The Dentist’s were a legendary band back in the 80s with their sweet pop sound harking back to the 1960s and carrying a slightly psychedelic vibe. Bob Collins frontman for the Dentists and numerous other projects the last few years has finally come out with a Solo Album. Some of the songs feature Collins with an acoustic guitar while others feature a backing band called The Full Nelson. This definitely deserves a good listen and I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Out Now on Jigsaw Records which is a terrific mailorder and label or a download via bandcamp. BTW Selections from The Dentists landmark first album are now added to general rotation at


Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at Austin Town Hall

It’s been a really great resurgence month for The Dentists, with two of the band’s songwriters unleashing new tunes/albums. First there was Treasures of Mexico, and now we’ve got Bob Collins and the Full Nelson.  He’s releasing his new record, Telescopic Victory Kiss, and though slightly different, it hits as beautifully as one would expect.  It’s a power-pop gem of a tune, mixed in with a little bit of an Elvis Costello or Ted Leo approach to how things are delivered vocally.  I’m pretty sure you’ll have this playing for the rest of the day.  Look for the album to see a release next week via Jigsaw Records.

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Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at Mufo and Things

Bob Collins, el que fuera guitarra de los Ingleses The Dentist (1984-1995) acaba de publicar nuevo disco grabado entre los años 2013 y 2014 junto al también ex Dentist Ron Gribb a la batería y Mark Aitken al bajo ambos como The Full Nelson.

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Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at No Rock and Roll Fun

Bob Collins used to (and from time to time, still does) lead The Dentists. He’s been all this time in the business (if you can call it business) and never done a solo record.

Until now.

Or not quite now.

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Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at Big Takeover

Former guitarist for Medway, UK’s The Dentists, Bob Collins, offers a debut solo album that owes as much to his psychedelic garage background as to power pop.

Telescopic Victory Kiss jangles with the melodic tendencies of Collins’ former outfit while focusing on an elegantly matured songwriter. The resulting ten songs recall The Jam’s and The Smiths’ middle to late period as heartfelt lyrics told from life experience unfold over finely crafted song structures. Collins’ exquisite guitar solos slide out of nowhere, evoking classic blues rock with a paisley flair. It’s an overdue statement from an artist looking to make a mark outside the legacy of his past.

The Dentists are long gone, but Bob Collins and the Full Nelson are here with an excellent album of memorable tracks to help fill the void. Turn it up and bask in their grace.



Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at Broadway World

Remarkably, this is Bob Collins’ first album under his own name, despite his prolific and accomplished songwriting in The Dentists and other assorted acts over the years. Telescopic Victory Kiss brings together the finest songs from his latter day career performing as a solo acoustic artist or with the three piece Full Nelson combo.

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Bob Collins and the Full Nelson at Magnet

The Dentists’ Bob Collins has a new project, Bob Collins & The Full Nelson, which will issue Telescopic Victory Kiss on Jigsaw on June 16.