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Witching Waves at Clash

London outfit Witching Waves have signalled their return with new track ‘Twister’ – tune in now.

The three-piece will release new album ‘Crystal Cafe’ on February 26th, with the record available on Soft Power here in the UK and Happy Happy Birthday To Me in the United States.

New cut ‘Twister’ is online now, and it’s a feral yet sharply melodic piece of music that seems to place equal emphasis on both parts of the noise pop equation.

Check it out below.


Bastards of Fate at Clash

A frantic seizure in pop’s cerebral cortex, The Bastards Of Fate will not be silenced.

The band’s cult debut album ‘Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy?’ committed gleefully evil operations on the flesh of pop culture, a tumbling mosaic of ideas which inspired at every turn.

Somehow, it found an audience. Leaving behind their home in Roanoke, Virginia, the group were able to take this mesh, this collage of disparate spirits out on the road. It was all rather inspiring.

A genuine blast from the left field, The Bastards Of Fate have now seen fit to deign the world with another full length.

The gloriously titled new album ‘Vampires Are Real And Palpable’ drops this Autumn, with Clash able to premiere the video for ‘One True Love’.

Sheer manic invention, it sits somewhere between Captain Beefheart’s demonic desert blues and the retro-Futurism of Ariel Pink.

All those are just trite comparisons, though, since The Bastards Of Fate come off like no one before or since.

Check it out now.


Tunabunny Video Debut at Clash Music

Hailing from that esteemed corner of humanity known as Athens, Georgia,Tunabunny are now onto their fourth album.

Mull that over for a second. In this time of music industry crisis, a band as bizarre, surreal, colourful and wonderfully different as Tunabunny have mustered up the pennies to record not one but FOUR studio albums – and they haven’t starved in the process.

Truly, this is a joyous time to be alive. New full length ‘Kingdom Technology’ hit record shelves back in April, and predictably it was a tumbling torrent of musical ideas which gleefully thumbed their nose at convention.

For once, here was a DIY group who realised that DIY didn’t mean sounding as if being on SST was still a big deal. Stripped from said LP, ‘Power Breaks’ is both wilfully dissonant and utterly sweet.

The percussive tick sitting underneath is almost Industrial sounding, a funky tick composed of rusting machinery. Amidst clanging guitars the hypnotic vocals seem to sarcastically pick apart the hedonist ideal – but manage to somehow party harder than ever before through sheer cold clarity.

The video for ‘Power Breaks’ features two girls having a tea party, before things take a turn for the surreal.

Watch it now.