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Animal Daydream at Get It On Vinyl

Some of the coolest things come out of Sweden; Ikea, Volvo and now, Animal Daydream.

While the band is a duo, there is allot of sound packed in their new EP Easy Pleasures out now on Jigsaw Records. The four track seven-inch is loaded with lush harmonies and jangly guitars. It’s easy to feel nostalgic when listening to the EP. “Canyon Rose” and “Easy Pleasures” have plenty of layers that make you feel like you are listening to a project with three times the members. The arrangements are well executed and have a great relaxing vibe. The crowning jewel if the EP is closing track “I Knew You Would Come Along Before Fall.” The track has all same vibes of the previous songs but adds even more dynamics including the use of strings.

No doubt we are not the first to throw out possible 60’s pop influences including Moody Blues and CSNY, but there is a modern vibe to the band’s sound. If Animal Daydream stick with this formula for their full length album, the results will be amazing.


Animal Daydream at Big Takeover

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Animal Daydream debut with four songs nodding to the mellow sounds of ’70s soft rock.

Though only a duo, Animal Daydream’s sound is grand. Lush production encapsulates perfectly crafted songs, allowing vintage synthesizers and smooth vocals to work the Steely Dan vibe. The title track references Fleetwood Mac, not only in lyric, but also in sound: jangling guitars recall Lindsey Buckingham’s fluid playing and drum rolls ape Mick Fleetwood’s distinct style. It’s like Jackson Browne used Air as his backing band.

It’s winter in the Northeastern US, but, with Animal Daydream, we can have a bit of summer. Sit back in your favorite chair and imagine it’s a convertible, top down, cruising up Pacific Coast Highway with no destination in mind and nothing to do for the foreseen future. Easy pleasures, indeed.


Animal Daydream at Examiner

Sometimes less is more and on Easy Pleasure the Swedish band Animal Daydream proves just that. Their latest release is a four track EP that links 60’s pop rock with the sounds of the present. Haunting vocal harmonies weave their way through a wall of melody that is occasionally disturbed by the well placed synthesizers and guitars.

The opening track “Canyon Road” kicks off with jangly guitars giving it a sound reminiscent of the Byrds before erupting in a plethora of different sounds. Even after the spacey melodies invade the track it still retains that mellow classic sound. The song “I Knew You Would Come Along Before Fall” is a mesmerizing tune loaded with soothing melodies kept afloat by subdued rhythms. The addition of strings adds another layer giving the song an uncanny classic feel. Sandwiched between these two gems are the songs “Glass Ships” and “Easy Pleasures”. They really open up the toy box on this duo of songs showcasing what Animal Daydream can do when they utilize all their musical toys.

Easy Pleasures is a fun listen. Animal Daydream packs a lot of sound on to four songs. The multiple layers of music work in harmony without muddying up the listening experience. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the vocals. Daniel Fridlund Brandt & Alexander Wahl treat their vocals as part of the overall soundscape of their songs being treated as another instrument. Take the time to listen to Easy Pleasures from Animal Daydream and get lost in the music.


Animal Daydream at Collapse Board

You realize what a lucky bastard you are, don’t you? Well, you should. Exclusive EP streams normally aren’t our bag.

I had a nice intro written here. Something about the golden days of American radio, how that was half a lifetime ago for me, how radical even James Taylor sounded to a kid who listened to golden oldies stations for the first decade or so of her life.

But eh. Leave it to Animal Daydream’s four tracks of gentle rock therapy to send you reeling through the jasmine of yr mind.

Now, yes – in other reviews I’ve lamented against dewey-eye nostalgia. But you know what? This cozy, chess-playing Yes vibe that “Glass Ships” invokes makes me happy. Very happy. “Canyon Rose” gives me that gentle, Crosby, Stills and Nash feeling, of harmony for the sake of beauty, of an age where conversations aren’t encoded in layers of irony. The Fleetwood Mac name-checking in the title track does seem a bit smug – but then again, what with the laid-back strum and utterly hummable tune, why not call up Lindsey and Stevie and go a-frolicking into the wheat fields?

The most impressive trip, methinks, is the closer “I Knew You Would Come Along Before Fall”. Strings hum and linger flutes flicker overhead – it lifts me into the serene universe of the Moody Blues, those wondrous troubadours of psychedelia. No one’s reminded me of the Moody Blues in ages. I could dwell in their albums, and guide newcomers through the craggy peaks and foggy, twisty trails, and retreat later to the trees and meditate on weighty things. Mind, this track’s only a love song, with no question of balance to ponder – and that is, indeed, what modern bands with their heads turned back often miss.

But eh. I mentioned the word “therapy” earlier, and that wasn’t a dig. All this running and panting toward what’s hip and happening can wear ya down, until the hunt becomes a chore. But you can relax around Animal Daydream. They’re not in the race. So high five and take ten.


Animal Daydream at Triste

Da un po’ di notti non riesco a dormire molto bene. Non è inusuale che io abbia pensieri misti ad ansia per la mente, ma c’è qualcosa di diverso, qualcosa che riguarda in particolar modo la mia schiena.

Al mio risveglio mattutino devo inventare qualche esercizio posturale per raddrizzarmi. Qualcosa di molto lontano dallo yoga. Qualche mattina fa ho scoperto il perché di tanto fastidio: al mio letto mancano due doghe di pseudo legno. Le altre resistono con molta fatica.

Questo fine settimana dovrò cambiare il letto, sempre se riesco a superare le notti future senza ritrovarmi incastrata tra il materasso e la struttura del letto. Andrò all’Ikea e oltre a scegliere il letto meno costoso di tutti (garantito al massimo per qualche ora di sonno) dovrò cercare di convincere anche qualche anima pia ad aiutarmi a capire le istruzioni (solamente la parte visiva, quella, come dire, letteraria non l’ho mai considerata).

E dalla Svezia, precisamente da Gothenburg (che poi è Göteborg), arrivano anche gliAnimal Daydream con il loro EP Easy Pleasure, band da sapori e suoni di un’epoca lontana.

Daniel Fridlund Brandt e Alexander Wahl si presentano con un EP in cui è possibile rintracciare melodie tipiche dell’indie pop, che spesso si avvicinano ad atmosfere tendenti alla psichedelia.

Senza impegnare troppo l’ascoltatore, Easy Pleasure riassume in una quindicina di minuti l’originalità e la bravura del duo, che consiste, oltre all’intonazione simpatica dei brani, nel saper riportare in scena suoni tipici di anni passati (70’), che si presentano sin dalle prime note della bellissima Canyon Rose.

La Svezia questa settimana mi ha regalato una bellissima sorpresa musicale. Sono certa che Easy Pleasure mi farà compagnia, in particolare,  questo sabato.

Un buon modo per entrare in modalità Ikea che, si sa, per quanto carina possa essere, dopo mezz’ora ti trasporta in un’altra dimensione.


Animal Daydream at Magnet

Swedish duo Animal Daydream has been compared to Fleet Foxes (there has to be an animal joke in there somewhere), but actually has quite an original sound. The twosome readies for the release of debut its seven-inch via the Jigsaw label and offers “Canyon Rose” for free download. The track explodes with beautiful melodies from the start and has a smooth feel throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Download “Canyon Rose” below.

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Animal Daydream at When You Motor Away

Maybe there should be a rule prohibiting bands from teasing us with four great tracks and then leaving us with nothing except the replay button.  But that is what Swedish duo Animal Daydream has done with their Easy Pleasures EP.  From the opening “Canyon Rose”, with its reminders of the golden years of Teenage Fanclub to the pop gold of “Glass Ships” to the jangling Fleetwood Mac-worthy title track and closing track, the EP is packed with hooks and harmonies, an aural feel-good pill for your winter blahs.  This little record is a great way to start out your 2015 music collection.

Animal Daydream are Daniel Fridlund Brandt and Alexander Wahl, and they are based in Gothenburg, Sweden.  This EP is being released by the sharp-eared folks at Jigsaw Records, who have keen ears for great pop sounds.


Animal Daydream at Collective Zine

The proclamation that this is “SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the subject line of the email that this came in on would normally make me pretty sceptical about the content but I’ve enjoyed the last few things the PR folk had sent in here as they gave me the opportunity to hurtle into a whirlwind of heady 90s-indie nostalgia so I thought I’d give this one a go too. That 90s indie sound rears its head again here as the band, who hail from Gothenburg, have something of a penchant for the likes of Teenage Fanclub if these four tracks are anything to go by. Probably latter day Teenage Fanclub after they ditched the fuzzier sound. Although I’m not fully convinced by the backing vocals towards the end of the track, the first song in particular is a fine tune. The guitar sound is lovely and the track is full of melancholy and nostalgia. The next three tracks are similar in nature – all laidback and laced with harmonies and a nice jangly guitar sound while measuring a little lower on the melancholy scale.


Animal Daydream at The Vinyl District

The duo Animal Daydream hail from Gothenburg Sweden and their “Easy Pleasures” EP connects a bit like a hypothetical Teenage Fanclub that’s more smitten with the machinations of Mick Fleetwood than the artistry of Alex Chilton. It’s a nice ride, and those desiring the vinyl should act fast, for only 300 7-inch platters in a striking photo collage sleeve have been pressed up for consumption by Jigsaw Records of Seattle, WA.

It’s easy to succumb to the faulty notion of the USA and the United Kingdom having the market cornered on the architecture of primo contemporary guitar pop. Happily, proof does occasionally appear to reinforce string driven melodiousness as a global impulse, and “Easy Pleasures,” the first effort from Animal Daydream adds to this sum with panache.

Consisting of Daniel Fridlund Brandt and Alexander Wahl, Animal Daydream has cultivated a fully-developed band-oriented sound that’s quite impressive. In fact, upon giving these songs a blind listen this writer mistakenly assumed the gist, vibrant, layered, and even lush, derived from the input of three or more participants.

Append confidence and intelligence to Animal Daydream’s list of traits. Specifically, debuting with an EP is a canny choice to say the least; the immersive tunes of “Easy Pleasures” concisely stir the listener’s appetites without sating them and simultaneously provide ample evidence of range, songwriting ability, and overall execution.

The 7-inch comes courtesy of Seattle, WA’s Jigsaw Records, an endeavor spanning all the way back to 1995, smack dab in the middle of the whole indie hullaballoo. Initially prolific, by the turn of the millennium the imprint had basically ceased operations, though a few items did trickle out across the ‘00s. But earlier this decade saw a significant increase in activity both as a label and a mail-order; “Easy Pleasures” is marked as PZL065, Jigsaw’s first of 2015.

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Animal Daydream at Austin Town Hall

There are occasions when you get a tune that you can stop playing; it seeps into your soul, delighting your senses every step of the say. That’s precisely the sentiment I got when I first put on this new single from Sweden’s Animal Daydream.  The guitar work could possibly take a nod to some of the modern indie acts like Real Estate, but it also looks back even further to the heyday of 70s soft rock. Sure, that era might be gone, but when band’s can execute songs like this, it’s hard to turn away.  The Easy Pleasures EP will be released next week via Jigsaw Records.

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