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Try the Pie at Impose

If you followed our Best Cassettes of 2014 list late last year, you might remember reading about a Bay Area indie-pop band called Crabapple and their incredible tape,Is It You? The drummer of Crabapple, Bean Tupou, also writes songs under the moniker Try the Pie. The project was formerly an intimate, sweet-sung solo endeavor, but for the band’s next full-length, Domestication, the band is filled out by Rich Gutierrez (of Sourpatch, Younger Lovers, Busted Outlook, Permanent Ruin) and Nick Lopez (of Ugly Winner). Last week the band unveiled one track from the record, “Thomas” and now have posted a video for “Inevitables” as well. Watch it above. Domestication is out this spring on Salinas.


Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund Video Release at Impose

In September, U.K. indie pop pals Joanna Gruesome and Trust Fund teamed up for a six-song split, released via Reeks of Effort (UK) and HHBTM (US). We’ve already shared the hooky mid-tempo call-out cut “Jerome (Liar)”. Now we are excited to now premiere a video for the song, plus a video for Trust Fund’s “Reading the Wrappers”. The part-animated, part-filmed videos were created by London artist and illustrator Rose Robbins. “The videos are about a pair of individuals and their quest to understand each other,” Robbins said. “I wanted the videos to have a narrative link of some kind, despite the songs being by two different artists, and about two separate things.”


Joanna Gruesome at Impose

It’s been almost a year since the release of Joanna Gruesome’s debut LP Weird Sister. The Welsh quintet has kept busy with side projects and touring, but have only released one song since Weird Sister, a heartbreaking cover of Galaxie 500′s “Tugboat“.

All that changes today with the release of the first single from a split with Bristol’s Trust Fund, titled “Jerome (Liar)”. The tune is less of a pulverizing sugar assault (a “Sugarcrush” if you will) than many of the tracks on Weird Sister, but anyone who has listened to the band knows to expect, well, Secret Surprises in each track. Joanna Gruesome kept us waiting for good reason, and “Jerome (Liar)” shows us exactly Why We Are Still In Love With them.

The Trust Fund/Joanna Gruesome GOLD VINYL 7″ drops August 21 in the UK through JG’sReeks of Effort and August 22 in the US through HHBTM.