Frog at Maximum Ink

Country-river folk spinning skinny-dipping syllogisms from hot-tip hipsters and daydreaming beatniks, “Blah,” shadow-babbles in swirling pop-culture skullduggery surfing an eclectic fusion of runaway sentences, nervous diversions and murmured worries. Rambling jam-band acoustics canoodle into sunny indie-rock wonder bundling Frog’s vernacular spectaculars into exquisite hillbilly shape-shifters curating meandering pandemonium from literate misfits for a contorted multi-storied… Continue reading Frog at Maximum Ink

Frog at Line of Best Fit

New York City’s Frog – an indie-country duo of Dan Bateman and Thomas White, not a squelchy amphibian – are sharing new single “Judy Garland” exclusively on Best Fit. Named after the famous Wizard Of Oz actress, “Judy Garland” weaves together lilting vocal scales, glottal stops, falsettos and all manner of intriguing vocal tricks. As well as the… Continue reading Frog at Line of Best Fit