Try the Pie at Magnet

Try The Pie’s sound is like a lazy early morning—it’s uplifting but peaceful. The new song from San Jose songwriter Bean Tupou is called “Alu A,” and it drifts along a river of beautiful weaving vocals and a barren acoustic strum. The track comes from her the upcoming Rest, which will be released November 20. Download… Continue reading Try the Pie at Magnet

Stutter Steps at Magnet

Stutter Steps, the project of songwriter Ben Harrison, is gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut on November 27. Featuring a dreamy slide-guitar performance from Dean Wareham, Stutter Step’s new song “The Fog” is an organic and breezy indie tune. Download it below. Click through for the free mp3! [Link]

Presents for Sally at Magnet

Presents For Sally has the feel of a looser, airier My Bloody Valentine. New track “Wishawaytoday” is a lovely piece of shoegaze that sounds straight out of the ‘90s, distant vocals offering an opaque-yet-breezy quality to a meticulous tune. The Bristol band’s record, Colours And Changes, is out October 9. Download “Wishawaytoday” below. Click through for… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Magnet

Knowlton Bourne at Magnet

Knowlton Bourne is a songwriter from Jackson, Miss., who melds equal parts Southern and indie influences. His new track, “Glow,” is a beautiful, dusky track with a wide-open-road kind of feel. Fans of Young Statues should take note. “Glow” comes from Songs From Motel 43, which comes out October 2. Download it below. [Link]

Lunchbox at Magnet

Lunchbox is a garage-rock band that made a comeback last year with Lunchbox Loves You. Its new release is called Smash Hits, a fiery and quick lo-fi EP for fans of Joyce Manor. “Heaven” is heavy on distortion and hooks. Download it below. [Link]

Moon Types at Magnet

Moon Types is a Swedish band with a new seven-inch called “Know The Reason.” MAGNET is offering up the title track today, a horn-laden, bass-heavy, easy-going kind of tune with some Beatles influence in the vocals. “Know The Reason” is available now via Jigsaw Records. Download it below. [Link]

Static Daydream at Magnet

Static Daydream is composed of Jamie Casey and Ceremony’s Paul Baker, and its name fits its musical style surprisingly well. “More Than Today” is a dreamy kind of noise-rock track, the sound of a half-asleep Sonic Youth. The blissful track comes from the band’s self-titled debut. Download it below. Click through for the track! [Link]

Fishboy at Magnet

Fishboy plays a powerful mix of pop and indie rock and is currently working on a new concept album that includes a wordless booklet themed around Topsy, an elephant publicly electrocuted by Thomas Edison. Now the Denton, Texas, band has a new video for “Thomas Alva Waiting” that runs through chapter two of the booklet, titled Thomas Alva… Continue reading Fishboy at Magnet