Marshmallow Coast at Pittsburgh in Tune

As an avowed fan of the Elephant 6 Recording Co., a collective of indie pop musicians that spawned the likes of The Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power and Of Montreal, it should come as no surprise that I dig the music of Marshmallow Coast (aka singer/songwriter Andy Gonzales). The sublime “Vangelis Rides… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Pittsburgh in Tune

Marshmallow Coast at This Is Book’s Music

Marshmallow Coast has been making music for 20 years and have been releasing albums on the Happy Happy Birthday To Me label for awhile. They have a new one in 2015 and this one is humble and promising, and it’s calledVangelis Rides Again. If you love the brand of pop Andy Gonzales continues to perfect… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at This Is Book’s Music

Marshmallow Coast at AllMusic

Nearly two decades into his career, indie pop auteur Andy Gonzales returns with Vangelis Rides Again, his ninth LP under the Marshmallow Coast banner. Mysterious, with a murky, almost sensual attitude, Vangelis runs the Coast‘s typically clever popcraft through a midnight-blue filter, resulting in nine attractive explorations that evoke the magic hours before dawn. The… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at AllMusic

Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

The show is billed as “Gonzalez vs. Gonzales,” but it’s a contrived controversy: Drive-By Truckers’ Jay Gonzalez and Andy Gonzales of Marshmallow Coast stress to Flagpole that they they admire each other’s work. Friday night, the local pop mainstays will each celebrate the release of a new record by co-headlining the 40 Watt Club. After… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

Marshmallow Coast at Big Takeover

Elephant 6 alumnus, Andy Gonzales (ex-of Montreal, The Music Tapes, Mind Brains), returns to his Marshmallow Coast moniker for the latest chapter in his prolific musical career. Vangelis Rides Again comes across as an italo lounge album. Laid-back and hazy, the songs reside in the murky dusk of psychedelia via ’80s electronics. Instruments waft in… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Big Takeover

Marshmallow Coast at SoundsXP

We first came across Marshmallow Coast in the early noughties when the Marshmallows toured with Of Montreal and Andy Gonzalez played in that band too. The line up currently is Andy G, Derek Almstead (also ex-Of Montreal), Emily Gowden, Sara Kirkpatrick and Carlton Owens. We’ve lost touch with the more recent output, including their temporary… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at SoundsXP

Marshmallow Coast at Stereofly

Athens’ band Marshmallow Coast release their new album Vangelis Rides Again tomorrow via HHBTM Records, and we’re debuting the “Hills Are Alive” music video to give you a little taste of what tomorrow brings, another beautiful, synthy project from  Andy Gonzales (ex-of Montreal, the Music tapes, Mind Brains). We talked with Andy Gonzales about the process… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Stereofly

Marshmallow Coast at Warszawa

昨年カセットでは出ていましたが、ヴァイナル版となると6年ぶりです。デビュー作から丁度20年くらいが経とうとしている時期での新作です。Andy GonzalesはOf Montrealに在籍していたといっても一瞬だったと思うので、基本的にここが彼にとってはここが本拠地としてずっとやってきたと思う。そしてこの作品を聴くと、その周辺アーティストやバンド遍歴とかはあんまり関係ないというか、感じさせないとてもシンプルな演奏と歌によるもので、何気ない風景の様な音楽です。 [Link]