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Antlered Aunt Lord at Maximum Rock and Roll

Antlered Aunt Lord play charming indie pop. it is quirky and breezy, reminding me of early Neutral Milk Hotel. Athens, GA musician Jesse Stinnard is the force behind this LP. According to the liner notes, he apparently “tricked” his friends into being recorded for it. It has that bedroom recording quality: lo-fi and sincere. It is interesting stuff.

Lunchbox at Maximum Rock and Roll

I could easily write this off as pure sugary pop, but that would be a massive fail on my part. Sure, this record is drenched in the sweet stuff, but it’s also pretty rocking. Sorta like an even sweeter Superchunk, but abrasive enough to feel quite at home in whatever shitty bar or living room that they get thrown in. I really like this. Not too sweet, not too poppy. – Kinda perfect

Bunnygrunt at Maximum Rock and Roll

Even though the title, cover artwork, and the first few seconds of each side are pretty clever jabs at Black Sabbath, this group doesn’t appear to be the slightly hilarious stoners blaring tired-ass doom I expected, and I am super thankful for that. Instead we have some super basement pop that is slightly jangly at times and just a little bit cute. not so cute that you might vomit, but yeah, it’s pretty fucking cute. This is a good 90’s feeling record that I would totally blare while I clean the fuck out of my house. Like maybe if the Look Outs were on Plan -It – X (sorta) but semi-secretly wanted a record deal. Sorry, but I like this.

Emotional Response at Maximum Rocknroll

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Crayon at Maximum Rock and Roll

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