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Bunnygrunt at Maximum Rock n Roll #387

Never heard of these folks before this gem landed on my desk (so to speak), but sure am real glad to make their acquaintance. Apparently, they’re a sort of legendary (in a very small way) indie-pop/rock band, whose main claim to fame is that one of their songs back in the day (like in the 90’s) was used in a Billy Bob Thornton pic. Regardless, this is a fantastic effort. Lots of indie pop and rock, for sure. But lots of power pop too, and 70’s rock (a la Cheap Trick), and even some bonafide punk n’ roll. Eclectic and awesome in every way. Like a Lemonheads greatest hits, Just better.

Crayon at Maximum Rock and Roll

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Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund at Maximum Rock and Roll

This split with Wales Joanna Gruesome and UK band Trust Fund offers up some dreamy pop. What I love about Joanna Gruesome is how contained and sweet and melodic they can be, while utterly ripping at times. I mean it’s a hard line to walk, but they do it damn well. Their songs are not as catchy as those on their recent Slumberland full-length Weird Sister, but they certainly still solid….you don’t put your best stuff on a split y’know? Trust Fund sounds sonically similar, but in such close comparison they lack the same punch as Joanna Gruesome.

Crayon at Maximum Rock n Roll

Twenty years after it’s original release HHBTM has reissued this album on vinyl for the first time. If you’ve heard of this band, you probably love them. But for the uninitiated out there, ask yourself this: do you cringe at the word “twee”? No? Okay, please continue reading. This is the album of your dreams if you wished the Pastels incorporated a little more grunge into their sound. It’s total bedroom indie pop, but a bit more fuzzed-out and distorted than you might expect. Not abrasive by any means – the whole album gives you that floating-on-a-cloud feeling. It’s cool, definitely a record well worth re-release.