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Knowlton Bourne at God is in the TV

23 year-old Mississippi native Knowlton Bourne has given us the honour of premiering his new track ‘The River (For Nels)’ a chiming slice of Americana-jangle-pop-craft written during his time spent working on a farm outside of Oxford. It’s laced with Knowlton’s south drawl that paints expansive storytelling-like narratives that capture the hopeful yet anxious feeling of being free for the summer. Listen here:

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Knowlton Bourne at Performer

When a dog has a broken leg, it’s taken out back and shot. When a man has
a broken soul he writes through the night. Recorded during a year he spent
working on a farm outside of Oxford, out of school and out of his mind,
Knowlton Bourne’s Songs From Motel 43 has a genuine youthful enthusiasm
that can’t be faked. It’s the sound of someone watching the world reveal
itself for the first time, each new experience something to be savored,
even the tragedy. It’s alive & awake & terrified & enraptured. Open up
your mouth and say awe.

Because he’s spent his whole life in Mississippi, 23-year-old Knowlton
Bourne can’t help sounding southern—it’s there in the twang you hear every
time he opens his mouth. But listen closely and you hear so much more than
americana. You can hear it in the hooks, you can hear it in the
arrangements, the popcraft that makes his songs stand out like knives.
Songs From Motel 43 is a perfectly paced album that builds upon itself
like a killer collection of short stories.


Knowlton Bourne at Magnet

Knowlton Bourne is a songwriter from Jackson, Miss., who melds equal parts Southern and indie influences. His new track, “Glow,” is a beautiful, dusky track with a wide-open-road kind of feel. Fans of Young Statues should take note. “Glow” comes from Songs From Motel 43, which comes out October 2. Download it below.


Knowlton Bourne at Big Takeover

Recorded during a year he spent working on a farm outside of Oxford, Mississippi, “out of school and out of his mind,” Knowlton Bourne’s Songs From Motel 43 is the debut album from the 23-year-old Mississippi native. It’s been described as a cross between Pernice Brothers and The Verve, and dang if it don’t sound like that. We love the cosmic-country vibe of this one.


Knowlton Bourne at Broadway World

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Knowlton Bourne at Austin Town Hall

Knowlton Bourne is a 23 year old native of Mississippi, which is important, as there’s definitely been some recent indie rock lineage occurring out there…like Dent May for instance.  But, with Bourne, you’re going to get more of a fuzzed-out riff blended carefully with a taste of Southern comforts. Guitar chords sound like something Ty Segall would have constructed, but the structure is slower, much like the pace of the South, which is why the tune succeeds on its own terms. This number will feature on Knowlton’s Songs from Motel 43, which is going to be released on October 2nd via Misra…enjoy your first sample of the LP.