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Presents for Sally at Clickity Click

To what can we attribute the rhythmic bounce that propels “Wishawaytoday,” the deliriously great summer single that served as the harbinger for Presents For Sally‘s recently released sophomore set Colours & Changes? My Bloody Valentine‘s blindingly brilliant “Drive It All Over Me” is an obvious reference point, but we suppose the rhythm also echoed prominently within the Madchester sound that followed on its heels at the dawn of the nineties (think Northside‘s woozy banger “Take 5,” The Wonderstuff‘s earth-shaking “Caught In My Shadow”). Ultimately, from whence it sprang is no matter: “Wishawaytoday” is fantastic, and we suppose the delicate, shifting vocal harmonies in the verses may actually be the most arresting thing about the tune. Also notable is the record’s richly ethereal title track, which again applies a dance-able beat but also emphasizes the Bristol, England-based gaze trio’s strengths composing beautiful ambient instrumentals. Colours & Changeselsewhere is filled with spectral vocals and crumbling guitars and strong vibes, with the pensive “Sing” approaching but not quite matching the giddy appeal of the aforementioned single. Saint Marie Records releasedColours & Changes Sept. 11 as an LP, CD and digital download. All three formats are presently available via Darla Records’ digital storefront; the 250-piece color vinyl edition is apparently nearly sold out, so act fast if you are so jazzed. Presents For Sally formed in 2009 and issued its debut long-player A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness the following year; the threesome has also issued a few singles and a compilation track. Stream “Wishawaytoday” via the Bandcamp embed below, and watch a video for the cut right here.


Presents for Sally at Drowned in Sound

Presents for Sally may have only formed in 2009 but their music could quite easily have been crafted two decades earlier. Heavily influenced by Creation Records’ halcyon period and the many bands spawned from that era, the trio – Matt Etherton, his wife Anna and Phil Russell – have been honing their sound over the past six years. Having released their debut single ‘Catch Your Fall’ in 2009 followed by inaugural long player A Touch Of Joy, A Touch Of Sadness a year later, they’ve spent the ensuing period building up to what could be considered a defining moment in their career. The two releases that followed, 2013’s ‘Anything Anymore’ 45 and the Sing EP that preceded it hinted at a more experimental approach than their earlier recordings. Not that Presents for Sally could ever be considered revivalists. On the contrary in fact, as the long awaited second album Colours & Changes ably demonstrates.

Conceived over a three-year period, its 11 tracks take the listener on a journey that takes in a diverse range of sonic elements from all out sonic attack to acoustic laments about waking up in the morning. Ambitiously formulated and purposely executed, Colours & Changes sets out to achieve what it states on the tin. Opener ‘We Fought Lucifer (And Won)’ kickstarts the record in explosive fashion. Layers of distortion introduce the song before a cavalcade of drums crash in around the 90-second-mark. Matt Etherton’s vocals ar deceptively low in the mix provide a haunting aftertaste while effects-heavy guitars swoon then erupt around him.

So it’s to their credit that ‘Wishawaytoday’ takes the opposite path when it would have been easier to bludgeon the senses. Instead, Presents for Sally show their sensitive sides, preferring to take a more traditional poppier excursion that’s drenched in melody rather than reverb. The vocal interchange between Matt and Anna Etherton on ‘Anything Anymore’ creates a tension similar to Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher’s demure exchanges on ‘Never Say Goodbye’ from their often disregarded ‘Strawberry Wine’ 12-inch.

It’s on ‘The Sun Dehydrates’ that the rulebook goes out the window. As layered guitars compete with discordant slabs of electronica, Colours & Changes reaches beyond the stars for another galaxy entirely. Not for the first time conveying two songs trying to escape from one another, it represents their boldest statement of intent to date and would probably be many artists’ pinnacle were it not for the indigenous company perched alongside here.

Having often been compared to Ride , ‘Sleep Tight’ perhaps treads closest to what could be described as archetypal shoegaze, mainly due to the Ethertons admittedly flawless harmonies, it passes the test if not with the same tenacity as its predecessors here. However, ‘Everything I Said’ once again warrants epic status, pushing the boundaries beyond traditional dance/rock hybrids by way of its playful melody and insistent back beat that takes on a mechanistic urgency.

Both ‘Sing’ and the closing ‘NSIC’ find Presents for Sally at their most reflective. While the former’s soothing tones pull the decibel count a little closer to earth, the latter’s declaration of “Did you wait for the lights to go out?” set to a backdrop of acoustic guitar and church bells makes for a goosebump-inducing finale. In between, the title track rides along like a heavily accentuated steam train of noise and confusion while ‘Floor Faller’ could be Pale Saints covering McCarthy’s ‘Red Sleeping Beauty’ in a parallel universe.

As with ‘The Sun Dehydrates’, ‘Softly Spoken/Outside Honey’ combines two songs into one, forging the record’s most grandiose seven-and-a-half minutes in the process.

While Presents for Sally’s eyes may have been focused towards their feet, their minds were clearly fixated on the stars. Colours & Changes: Boldly going beyond the realms of possibility.


Presents for Sally at Performer

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Presents for Sally at If It Be Your Will

“Colours & Changes” is the 2nd album from the UK band Presents for Sally. Formed in 2009, the three piece has taken in many influences and managed to form a sound all of their own. If the debut album showed promise of what the band could do, then “Colours & Changes” has set it in stone. The ten songs form a musical journey that takes you down several roads that all meet and make perfect sense in the end. At times melodic and beautiful, and others pure white noise with lots of delayed, detuned guitars sandwiched in between. “Colours & Changes” takes on a life of its own.


Presents for Sally at Linear Tracking Lives!

The sophomore album ‘Colours & Changes’ from UK band Presents for Sally is another one that took me back to the late ’80s and early ’90s, but this time with the guitar turned way up. Shoegaze is a label that seems to have stuck, and there are plenty of the sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Ride to be found here, but don’t pigeonhole this trio. There is plenty more going on here, and I even detect influences from this side of the pond as well, especially the more accessible side of Sonic Youth. The single “Wishawaytoday” deserves to be played on radios ’round the world. Saint Marie Records releases this one on Sept. 11.


Presents for Sally at Magnet

Presents For Sally has the feel of a looser, airier My Bloody Valentine. New track “Wishawaytoday” is a lovely piece of shoegaze that sounds straight out of the ‘90s, distant vocals offering an opaque-yet-breezy quality to a meticulous tune. The Bristol band’s record, Colours And Changes, is out October 9. Download “Wishawaytoday” below.

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Presents for Sally at Pittsburgh in Tune

British trio Presents for Sally have a noticeable fondness for the guitar-fueled indie pop/shoegaze sound of the 1990s, yet the band manages to put their own spin on a familiar sound. Presents for Sally earned kudos for their 2010 debut album “A Touch of Joy a Touch of Sadness” and build on that solid foundation with sophomore slab “Colours & Changes.”

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noon:30, Presents for Sally, Static Daydream at Big Takeover

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Presents for Sally at Bloodbuzzed

Many thanks for this oneMike. This powerful British trio formed in 2009, with track ‘Flowers Falling Sideways‘ being featured on the Invada records compilation ‘The Secret Garden’, quickly followed that November with the praised 7″ single ‘Catch Your Fall‘. A year later arrived debut album ‘A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness‘ plus 7” single ‘Anything Anymore‘. After a couple of  quiet years and a self-financed 7” single for Xmas 2014, now they are back with sophomore LP ‘Colours & Changes‘, out now by Saint Marie Records. A fantastic voyage to the realms of shoegaze, at times shiny, delicate and melodically blissful, others edgier and menacing. An extraordinary present for all of us.


Presents for Sally at Losing Today

Many apologies to presents for sally who sent along their latest platter ‘wishawaytoday’ – available via the much adored saint marie imprint – which in our somewhat exiled period we managed to mislay too much teeth gnashing frustration the matter only being made worse for the small fact they’ve an album imminent / out now / gone already entitled ‘colours and changes’ which we are frantically trying to source links for. Well that’s for another day, still can’t find the errant 7 inch though, however we have managed to seek out sound cloud links for the aforementioned lead cut – and a beauty it is to, an acutely cute slice of dream drifting love pop demurred and dinked in haloes of hazily glazed vapour purrs and the softening shimmer toning of bliss kissed murmurs effervescently dimpled upon sky falling feel good  sun bathed breezes which had we not known any better we’d have hazarded a guess was the studio grooving of a gathering of chill pilled Ride types cosying up to the hollow men.  Distractively dreamy stuff.