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Trust Fund/Joanna Gruesome at Stereogum

When we posted Joanna Gruesome’s great “Jerome (Liar),” we noted it was to be included on an upcoming split with Bristol indie-rockers Trust Fund. Now here’s one of Trust Fund’s contributions to the split, “Reading The Wrappers.” The track blooms from a charming low-key guitar and vocals piece into a chiming, charging, full-fledged rock song without losing its pleasantly dreamy personality.

The Trust Fund/Joanna Gruesome split is out 9/21 in the UK on Reeks Of Effort (pre-order here) and 9/22 in the US on HHBTM (pre-order here).


Joanna Gruesome at Indie Music Filter

Joanna Gruesome are one of my favorite groups in the past few years, largely in part of how well they mesh things that are pretty with things that are, well, not-so-pretty.  The outcome is never off-putting, but rather biting and delightful twee pop.

“Jerome (Liar)” is a stripped-down continuation of this sound. It’s short, pretty on the melody, and has just a small bit of discord in the background to keep the energy up. If you’ve been listening to a lot of polished music and need a bit of a palette cleanser, this is it.

The track is part of an upcoming split with Trust Fund, out in late September via Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records in North America and Reeks of Effort in the UK.


Joanna Gruesome at Surviving the Golden Age

As Joanna Gruesome hit the road with Perfect Pussy, it seems we won’t be getting a new LP this summer from the Welsh jangle-core (blah blah genres) pioneers. To satiate our hunger, the Gruesomes are featured on an upcoming split with the very excellent Trust Fund, to be released on gold vinyl by HHBTM (US – September 23) and Reeks of Effort Records (UK – September 22).

“Jerome (Liar)” is the leading single from the Gruesome half and it’s a textured shoot-from-the-hip track that showcases exactly why the band captured our attention with last year’s Weird Sister. Their rich vocals and sharp pop sensibilities are still mainstays of the sound, but the production and performance has matured a ton. The changes in their mixing are welcome and focus the band’s raw energy very effectively, making me all the more excited for their next full-length.