Bloody Knives at Highwire Daze

Suffocating surrounded by a filthy poisonous haze. Drowning at the bottom of an icy lake with a brick tied to your ankle. Held hostage with a gun to your head. Bloody Knives latest record I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This exists in a world of forgotten places, the dark corners of empty cities,… Continue reading Bloody Knives at Highwire Daze

Bloody Knives at Sound and Vision

Bloody Knives es como la versión enojada y súper agresiva del shoegaze (muy de acuerdo a su nombre). Desde su primer aporte en 2009 con su EP homónimo, pasando por varias entregas de corta y larga duración, le han dado al aire una densidad de notarse y temerse con voces que al menos en sus primeras entregas… Continue reading Bloody Knives at Sound and Vision

deardarkhead at Dagger

My initial thought was, “Damn….no vocals sooo… it’s an instrumental record?!” I wasn’t real happy, but after several listens I really like this. Oh sure, I wish they still had a vocalist (their previous vocalist Mike Amper left several years ago and has yet to be replaced)  but I’m not complaining (too much). This South… Continue reading deardarkhead at Dagger

deardarkhead at AllMusic

​Long-running New Jersey shoegaze band deardarkhead gives us an exclusive first listen, plus a track-by-track rundown of their new EP, Strange Weather. Now an instrumental act, the band delivers six new tracks of propulsive, psychedelic rock, with plenty of big, ringing guitars and driving drums. So press play, then scroll down for commentary from drummer… Continue reading deardarkhead at AllMusic

Blessed Isles at With Guitars

They say good things come to those who wait, and in the case of Brooklyn’s The Blessed Isles, the adage bears out. After five years of recording in studios across four states, the band stands poised to inject a much-needed dose of substance into the shoegaze bloodstream with their debut LP, Straining Hard Against the… Continue reading Blessed Isles at With Guitars