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Joanna Gruesome at SeeSound

An excellent double hander from whippersnappers Trust Fund and slightly older whippersnappers Joanna Gruesome that I can whole-heartedly recommend.

There’s a melodic trio of tracks from JG, Jerome (Liar) is almost Go-Go’s, seemingly upbeat and a perfectly brief piece of indie pop.
J&MC feedback accompanied slow-burn Satan could have been written by Malory Knox (the character not the band), morphine slow violence seethes behind it’s tuneful surface. Finally, after another squal of feedback, right chiming Television guitar meets Primitives pop on Coffee, a standout from last Indie Tracks festival set.

The archly named trust fund are giving better value in the minutes department and the more upbeat selection makes a welcome counterpoint to Gruesome’s set. Trust Fund are from Bristol, sound like a “collective”
and make dreamy Indie Pop with a brain. Sounding a bit like a reined in Broken Social Scene but with a more joyful harmony vocal approach that is a little 60’s… and a little stoned. The songs are gentle (rather than weak) – the pace is fastest on Scared but even then it’s bubblegum aggression, Jonathan Richman jitters. They float away finally on No Pressure, a Twin Peaks small town reverie that has the confidence not to rush, No Pressure an indeed appropriate title.

The bands have little in common beyond the Indie Pop pond they swin in but complement each other’s sound very well. Too often split singles have one very obvious “winner”. Here it’s a photo finish for first place.


Lunchbox at SeeSound

Chris McFarlane of Jigsaw Records was totally thrilled to be able to release the debut Birds Of California album, since he was a big fan of Lunchbox. So, you can imagine Chris’s glee when Tim Brown & Donna McKean told him they were changing their name BACK to Lunchbox, and asked if Jigsaw would release that album! This is pure bubblegum pop with lots of dreampop influence – imagine if Rocketship were covering ’60s AM radio classics to get a feel of where Lunchbox are coming from. There was a time in the mid to late 90’s when indie-pop was king and bands like Dressy Bessy, The Apples In Stereo, and The Cardigans all had their toes dug into the sand and their sights set on writing that radio hit to make them stars so they could grab even more of the sun to infuse into their pop. It’s hard to even imagine that Lunchbox could top their amazing 1999 album “Magic Of Sound,” but they’ve managed to do that with this batch of instant classics. It’s rare for a band to craft their best record 15+ years into their career, but that is exactly what Lunchbox has done here. And to make things even more exciting, this is also being released on red vinyl – the second (but not last) LP Jigsaw has ever pressed. If you are a total indie-pop nerd you might recognize Tim Brown and Donna McKean’s name recently as part of the new fuzz-pop super-band Hard Left which also features Mike Schulman (Slumberland Records, Black Tambourine) and Stewart Anderson (Boyracer, Steward, and too many more to even list).