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Fireworks at Pittsburgh in Tune

With a noise pop sound that drew inspiration from bands like My Bloody Valentine, The Shop Assistants and Buzzcocks, British outfit The Fireworks made a nice first impression in 2013 with the release of a self-titled EP. With the reverb-soaked vocals of Emma Hall and Matthew Rimell and plenty of fuzzy guitars, The Fireworks seemed poised for bigger and better things.

A minor lineup shuffle ensued with Shaun Charman coming aboard on drums, joining Hall, Rimell and bassist Isabel Albiol, and the furits of their labor is dynamic full-length debut “Switch Me On.” There is no filler to be found on the 13-track, 37-minute release, with The Fireworks serving up one high-octane tune after another.

After a so-so start to the proceedings with “With My Heart” and “Runaround,” the quartet hits their stride with a series of keepers that include “Let You Know,” “Which Way to Go,” “Switch Me On,” “Stay Here” and “Corner of My Mind.” Can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.


Fireworks at BulgeBull

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Fireworks at Get It On Vinyl

After an overwhelming reception to their first two 7-inches, and a sold out EP, the pressure was on for a strong debut LP from The Fireworks.

If you are unfamiliar with The Fireworks, here are some basics. The band is from the UK, and consists of artists with plenty of credentials. Emma Hall from Pocketbooks and Matthew Rimell from Big Pink Cake round handle the vocal duties as well as the guitar and keys. Isabel Albiol and Shaun Charman round out the rhythm section.

So what do they sound like? Like electricity! Their style of pop infused garage rock is surging with raw energy that is executed with precision. The bands synergy and timing on Switch Me On is something that most bands cannot accomplish until their third or fourth album.

Opening Switch Me On with Gatling gun intensity is “With My Heart.” Hall’s vocals are confident and steadfast, competing with the tons of guitar fuzz and ample feedback. It’s a sound by design that carries into “Runaround” that has a great pop feel. Vocally and musically it’s a great batch of hooks and melody, with the vocals winning the fuzz battle towards the end.

Matthew Rimell takes over lead vocals on “Let You Know.” His accent is thick and when backed up by Hall, there is great chemistry. While the track is more reserved, it is a subtle pop jam.

Rimell takes over vocals again on “Which Way to Go.” This tracks energy is heavy on the throttle and until the last note of guitar fuzz, it never stops.

The best track of the LP is “In the Morning.” The most subdued and most soothing, the track is top notch, both lyrically and musically.

While there are moments of repetitiveness, especially in tracks “Tightrope” and “On & On” there isn’t a bad track on the album. It’s no wonder the bands earlier releases were such a success, and Switch It On sounds like it’s headed in the same direction.

The Vinyl
Released on Shelflife Records, the LP is pressed on thick white vinyl and sounds amazing. Also included is a full color jacket and sleeve as well as a download card. Make sure to pick up a copy at your local independent record store or directly from Shelflife Records.


Pinkshinyultrablast at Bloodbuzzed

New year, new exciting proposals from Shelflife, folks. This time coming from Saint Petersburg, Russia, here’s a quintetformed in 2007, but their only release to date didn’t arrive until 2009, in the form of EP ‘Happy Songs For Happy Zombies‘, out via Odd Box Records. Luckily, the combo is alive and kicking, as the debut album ‘Everything Else Matters‘,   available since last week through Shelflife and ClubAC30 majestically proves.Gold shoegaze for shoegazing addicts, echoing Lush,Slowdive, Sabres of Paradise but also adding hints of dream-pop, the icy, otherworldly spirit of Cocteau Twins (get haunted by Lyubov’s voice) and glimpses of electronic. Indeed, an ultrablast.


Fireworks at 17 Seconds

The debut album from London’s Fireworks is as sparkly and incendiary as their namesake. The London four-piece are firmly at the pop where c86 indie-pop meets the more aggressive side of shoegazing, and several listens in show this to be a really rather fine debut album.

Right from the opening ‘With My Heart’ this is glorious noisy pop to jump around to, to find yourself in as much as lose yourself. And repeated plays make this a somewhat addictive listen. Added to the fuzzy glow are the glorious vocals of both Matthew Rimell and Emma Hall. Amongst the highlights here are ‘Runaround”Tightrope’ and ‘Corner Of My Mind’, the latter sounding like it has been blessed by none other than J Mascis himself.

Sure, some people might complain that it’s blatantly obvious what records they’ve got in their bedrooms. This is to miss the point entirely. Even without having seen them live, the rhythm section sound cool as anything (if drummer Sean Charman doesn’t play standing up like Mo Tucker or Bobby Gillespie I’d be surprised), and this adds up to one very addictive whole. Talent borrows, but genius steals. Turn it up, and dance like no-one’s watching.


Fireworks at Trouble Zine

Cosa bolle nella pentola di casa Shelflife? Nel nostro classico giretto perlustrativo sulle novità dell’etichetta siamo ovviamente rimasti colpiti e affascinati dalle ultime due produzioni, la prima già in pista (l’album d’esordio dei The Fireworks) e la seconda in rampa di lancio e pronta a conquistarci dal 24 marzo (il nuovo singolo dei Goodly Thousands).

Cominciamo ovviamente dai riverberi sonici che ci arrivano dai The Fireworks, dislocati tra Londra e Brighton, tra distorsioni e coretti micidiali, amabilmente veicolati dall’asse portante Emma Hall e Matthew Rimell. Già dai due precedenti Ep le coordinate erano chiare, ma qui, nell’album “Switch Me On”, tutto è magnificamente a fuoco e il fuzzy-pop dei nostri trova il bilanciamento perfetto tra le chitarre ruvide e le melodie bubble-gum che si appiccicano al cervello e li rimangono. La batteria picchia solida e non chiama certo chissà quali tecnicismi, le chitarre sono ruvide e le voci vanno a colorare quelle linee diabolicamente pop che seguono derive già intraviste in Buzzcocks, The Shop Assistants, ma anche la gentilezza e il gusto melodico dei The Pastels, con quel retro gusto alla Ramones (che si sono fatti una bella carica ascoltando i gruppi della C86) che non guasta mai.

Tutto troppo facile dite voi? Beh, è l’attitudine che vince. Sarà che a un giro in giostra che parte sempre con quella chitarra rumorosa non puoi dire di no, sarà quell’aria lo-fi che respiriamo in tutto il disco, sarà il ritornello delizioso che in ogni brano non manca, sarà che sanno magnificamente bene quando andare a briglia sciolta (Runaround), deliziarci col ritornellone (Stay Here), buttarla magnificamente sul garage con andazzo ’60 (On And On), conquistarci con la semplicità più pulita (Let You Know) o rendere satura l’atmosfera (With My Heart) o, per chiudere, sarà che alla fine di un disco così ti deliziano con una ballata avvolgente come In The Morning, non lo so, fate voi per quale di queste cose, sta di fatto che quest’album si fa ammirare ed apprezzare sempre più ad ogni ascolto.

Il secondo proiettile che colpisce in pieno il bersaglio del cuore arriverà invece dai Goodly Thousands che a fine marzo pubblicheranno il loro secondo ep, seguito di quell’esordio andato velocemente sold out. Niente scintille pronte a trovare sfogo in chitarre rumorose come per i Fireworks, ma la magia di un cristallino jangly sound fuori dal tempo per questi irlandesi che paiono cresciuti a Birds e primissimi Primal Scream: 4 brani che profumano di buono, che riempiono gli occhi di luce morbida, che accarezzano i sensi e ci fanno stare bene.

La magia di un semplice guitar-pop, fatto con quei soliti arpeggi che avremo sentito mille volte ma che anchee questa volta ci rapiscono e ci portano lontano, mescolando con sapienza malinconia e gioia. Una nuova magia targata Shelflife e la conferma che abbiamo fatto bene a credere fin dal loro esordio in questi magnifici Goodly Thousands, intervistando proprio Colm Dawson che ci parlava allora di un demo chiamato Sunshine Hair, che, guardacaso , è proprio il primo brano di questo nuovo Ep. Tutto torna! Favolosi.



Fireworks at Deadly Music

London / Brighton-based indie noise pop act The Fireworksreleased their debut album Switch Me On last week on Shelflife,fast becoming to go-to label for fuzzy – and sometimes twee – guitar pop.

Recorded at Soup Studios by David Holmes and Simon Trought (Allo Darlin, Comet Gain), the album features fuzz-drenched feedback, sonic guitar pop hooks and twee boy/girl vocals.

RIYL: Buzzcocks, Girls At Our Best!, We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It!,The Shop Assistants, Bananarama, Meat Whiplash, Bubblegum Splash


Pinkshinyultrablast at From Pop 2 Top

Russia’s dream pop/shoegaze band Pinkshinyultrablast have just released their debut album ‘Everything Else Matters’ on Club AC30 and Shelflife and it has already made our Best of 2015 list. ‘Holy Forest’ is the second single to have been released in late 2014 and it is utterly fresh and melodic. The music video for it was influenced by ‘Enter The Dragon’ and ‘Bloodsport’ movies and it is a tribute to martial arts. “The song itself is likely to compare with emotional and spiritual release that comes while having or afterwards combat. Turning the video on remember what Bruce Lee once said ‘Don’t think. Feel’.”


Fireworks at With Guitars

The band will be playing an instore at Rough Trade East today Thursday the 12th at 7 PM. The record has been getting rave reviews with Big Takeover, Magnet, Gold Flake Paint, Vinyl District, All Music, and loads and loads more. Don’t be the one that misses out, scroll down and download the record and let the sparks burst.


Fireworks at Vinyl District

The Fireworks’ primary sonic objective is drenching catchy guitar pop in feedback and fuzz as they add gal-guy vocals and unleash the ingredients through a trim energetic attack. Featuring 13 hard-hitting songs and a handful of twists, Switch Me On is the London and Brighton UK-based four-piece’s first LP. It’s out this week on blood red vinyl exclusive to Rough Trade shops and on white wax via Shelflife Records.

The Fireworks boast a diverse if complementary background. To begin, vocalist, tambourine rattler and guitarist Emma Hall was/is a member of Pocketbooks, a group that amongst other achievements headlined the inaugural indietracks festival back in 2007. Held at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire, indietracks has grown from a one-day event into a huge annual affair spanning a cluster of calendar dates.

Similarly, the club parties/DJ nights Hall’s singing partner and guitarist Matthew Rimell organized under the telling name Big Pink Cake unsurprisingly blossomed into a record label. To my knowledge The Fireworks’ bassist Isabel Albiol doesn’t set up fests or club-nights, but as a visual artist of note her intriguing work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions. And that leaves drummer and additional guitarist Shaun Charman, formerly of The Wedding Present and a member of The Popguns.

In 2012 The Popguns recommenced activity and were one of the acts shaping up indietracks’ ’14 shebang; their participation in a roster 59-deep reinforces the tight-knit and thriving nature of the indie pop scene. Likewise, tilting an ear toward The Fireworks’ debut, a self-titled 4-song EP issued by Shelflife in ’13, underscores how said community is largely less concerned with attempts at wheel reinvention and more interested in subtle variations upon memorable rides down well-traversed routes.

The bands excelling in these endeavors at recalibration are predominantly those holding either legitimate ties to or a sincere interest in the genre’s prior accomplishments, and as detailed above The Fireworks’ possess both. Strengthening those bona fides is “Getting Nowhere Fast,” a spiffy cover of a tune originally by Girls At Our Best!

Amid numerous locales, the source material can be found on the undersung Leeds outfit’s first single from 1980, and The Fireworks’ faithful rendering is easily heard on YouTube, though it was released last year in physical form by the freakScene label on a very attractive and fully-playable flexi-disc postcard. Alongside “The Fireworks” and “Runaround” EPs, “Getting Nowhere Fast” completes the group’s pre-2015 output.

Also from ’13, the second 3-song EP delivers a slim preview of Switch Me On, the new album smartly reshuffling two selections and placing them up front for an immediate kick. “With My Heart” conveys pounding distorted brevity; Buzzcocky as per their stated list of comparisons and therefore aptly assessed as fairly if not deliberately Ramonsian, the instrumental motion contrasts nicely with the unstrained assurance of Hall’s vocals.

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