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Slopfest at The Red & Black

The 6th annual Slopfest at Little Kings Shuffle Club will kick off on Thursday, July 24 with a free pre-party. The pre-party will include music from several different local bands as well as a magic show.

In 2009, Slopfest was born after the death of Popfest. Derek Wiggs wanted to keep the spirit of the festival alive and created Slopfest as a tribute.

“Slopfest started when Derek was talking to people about how he was sad that Popfest was dwindling away,” said Madeline Hassett, an intern at Crashing Through Publicity. “I think this was after they had taken a year off doing Popfest and come back with a smaller one. They decided to try and imitate it with what became Slopfest.”

After a sloppy start, Slopfest has been fairly successful and doesn’t seem to have the same fate as its predecessor. Unlike other festivals, Slopfest has a carefree spirit and allows musicians to be who they are and play what they want.

“Slopfest is definitely associated with and has the spirit of Popfest. It ihas more of an indie/townie vibe than say Athfest does,” Hasset said.

Since its creation, Slopfest has developed quite the reputation and is now a popular festival for musicians in Athens and elsewhere. The festival has extended beyond Athens, bringing in some Atlanta bands including Forces, Seagulls, Tha Hugs, The Trespasser, Nashville’s Faux Ferocious, St. Augustine’s Early and a few others. For the first time, Slopfest will feature two touring bands from Louisiana, The Lovie Dovies and The Opposable Thumbs.

With 30 bands in the line-up including Deep State, Muuy Bien, Monsoon, Grape Soda, Double Ferrari and Cinemechanica, the festival should be jam packed with local talent for three straight days.

Tickets are $5 at the door or $8 for both nights.


Slopfest at Flagpole

To a certain set of townies, the arrival of AthFest each June is a source of excitement for one reason: It means SlopFest is right around the corner. The three-day rock and punk-oriented fest is a decidedly underground counterpart to its more visible companion but is known for featuring some of the most exciting acts both well-established and on the rise. This year’s lineup includes local bands like Little Gold, Motherfucker, Cinemechanica, Shehehe, Deep State and Eureka California, as well as the debut solo outing from MC Louie Larceny (ex-Mad Axes) and performances by regional must-sees Faux Ferocious and cross-country standout The Hugs. Thursday’s kickoff show is free of charge, and you can attend the rest of the weekend for a song. For the full schedule, see the Calendar.

10 p.m. (Thurs.), 7 p.m. (Fri. & Sat.) · FREE! (Thursday), $5 (Fri. & Sat.), $7 (wristband).


Slopfest Preview at the Examiner

his weekend if you hop on GA 316 and head on down to Athens , GA there is a little music fest that will have a darn fine line-up of bands for your listening pleasures. Slopfest2014 will once again call Little Kings home with three days of music that will rival any music fest you have ever attended. There will even be magic.

Things kick off on Thursday night with a free show that starts at 10pm. Six groups hit the stage offering all in attendance a taste of their musical endeavors. While each of the performers bring something awesome to the stage here are a few that are can’t miss. Starting the nights festivities will be the sweet southern sounds of Monkey Grass Jug Band. Loaded with banjo and fiddle their bluegrass storytelling makes for one hell of a live show. Fuzzy guitars and pop infused melodies drive tha Hugssound and when they play it on stage watch out. Wear your ear plugs because they tend to get loud. My choice for can’t miss band is Shehehe and their classic punk sound. Rowdy guitars, thunderous drums and in your face vocals are what this band is all about. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the magic show.

10:00 – Monkey Grass Jug Band
10:45 – Small Beige Girl
11:00 – Boycycle
11:45 – the Hugs
12:30 – Louis Larceny
1:30 – Shehehe
plus magic by Jeff Morris & Jason Granfield

With nary time to recover, Friday picks up where Thursday left off. Things start up much earlier, but with more bands they need more time. Here are some bands you need to be sure not to miss. Eureka California takes the stage around 10ish and their set should not be missed. The fuzz rock duo offer up tunes that go against the grain calling out life’s inequalities. As good as their records are there live music is even better. The Early Disclaimers bring their mellow rock up from St. Augustine for our GA ears to enjoy as their brooding guitars and haunting vocals keep things interesting. Check out Deep State with their garage rock vibe and REM era jangle. The music sounds like something from the 60’s without sounding like a copy cat.

7:00 – Forces
7:30 – Earl Disclaimers
8:00 – Helen Scott
8:30 – the Fuzzlers
9:00 – Good Grief
9:30 – Seagulls
10:00 – Eureka California
10:30 – Rodney Kings
11:00 – Little Gold
11:30 – Faux Fercious
12:00 – Deep State
12:30 – DJ Lozo / Lord Bitter

Just when you think you have had enough Saturday rolls around with another full schedule of music for your listening pleasures. The organizers of Slopfest have saved the best for last. The night begins with the crunchy rock of The Trespasser and juts gets better from there. From the organized noise of Bambara to the driving rock of Double Ferrari this is a night of music that has something for everyone. Here are a few bands that are can’t miss. Cinemechanica is part metal, part punk, part garage rock tossed into a blender and shredded. Their live shows are an exploration into chaos leaving loyal fans exhausted. Monsoon is straight up rock with a punk attitude. Sienna Chandler’s vocals lead the way as they offer up a 90’s vibe. The one band not to miss is Muuy Biien. These dudes rip it live as they offer up noise that harkens back to the good old days of punk. Loud is the key word here so be prepared to go home with ringing in your ears. Check out the rest of the day’s schedule.

7:00 – the Trespasser
7:30 – Nate & the Nightmares
8:00 – Monsoon
8:30 – Maximum Busy Muscle
9:30 – Double Ferrari
10:00 – Motherfucker
10:30 – Muuy Biien
11:00 – Vincas
11:30 – the Powder Room
12:00 – Bambara
12:30 – Cinemechanica
1:00 – DJ Z-Dog

There you have it, one hell of a music fest for your listening pleasures. It is events like this that allow true music lovers to discover and enjoy music without being crowded out by outrageous ticket prices and those people that just want to say they were there. Slopfest is a great representative of music the Southeast has to offer showing people we are more than Southern rock and hip/hop down here. So get away for the weekend and jam out to some great music.