SPC ECO at AllMusic

Dark Matter is the sixth full-length album by SPC ECO, a project centered around former Curveguitarist Dean Garcia and his daughter Rose Berlin, with contributions from numerous guest musicians. While the group started out making noisy yet poppy electronic-tinged shoegaze in the vein of Garcia‘s former band, it abandoned guitars for its 2014 album, The… Continue reading SPC ECO at AllMusic

SPC ECO at Stereo Embers

Once more in ‘Where have we been?’ territory we come to SPC ECO, the shadowy ambient electronic duo formed in 2007 and consisting of ex-Curve maestro Dean Garcia and dark-dream chanteuse Rose Berlin. Already, withDark Matter, six albums deep into their discography, the brief, waggish description would temptingly posit them as en echo (sorry) of… Continue reading SPC ECO at Stereo Embers