Thee Koukouvaya at Stereo Embers

Released in August, “This is the Mythology of Modern Death” by East Coast post-rock illusionists Thee Koukouvaya (John O’Hara, Brian Wenckebach), despite its gothy title, is an album of soaring, shimmering, sometimes sobering soundscapes that rather demands, forthwith, sole possession of the word ‘mesmerizing.’ Doesn’t matter if it sounds like ancient Sumerian drum ‘n’ bass… Continue reading Thee Koukouvaya at Stereo Embers

SPC ECO at Stereo Embers

Once more in ‘Where have we been?’ territory we come to SPC ECO, the shadowy ambient electronic duo formed in 2007 and consisting of ex-Curve maestro Dean Garcia and dark-dream chanteuse Rose Berlin. Already, withDark Matter, six albums deep into their discography, the brief, waggish description would temptingly posit them as en echo (sorry) of… Continue reading SPC ECO at Stereo Embers

Marshmallow Coast at Stereo Embers

I’ve had to quit asking. Such has been the abundance of extraordinary music crossing my desk from heretofore unheard-of (at last my me, and here I thought I was pretty aware of the lesser-known corners) that I just can’t ask inside my head as still another modest but exquisite gem of an album makes my… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Stereo Embers

Knowlton Bourne at Stereo Embers

Existential slacker blues nonpareil, Mississippi’s favorite son Knowlton Bourne has produced a debut record that deserves the type kudos we reserve for the preternaturally talented ‘very young.’ Just 23 years old and thus defining ‘precocious,’ Mr Bourne’s brand of molasses-grooved rock’n’roll has a thematic affinity with the Kurt Vile-Adam Granduciel axis of unsprung indie naturalism… Continue reading Knowlton Bourne at Stereo Embers

Presents for Sally at Stereo Embers

Just recently we made the comment about Saint Marie Records that “the relatively young label [is] among our most essential,” and here now arrives, in the form of UK band Presents for Sally’ sophomore effort Colours & Changes, stingingly good proof that we weren’t wrong. Lashing about the mast with both swagger and sweetness while betraying an unabashed love… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Stereo Embers

Bunnygrunt at Stereo Embers

Born in the tweedledum, B&S-addled mid-nineties (their 1995 Action Pants! debut is an aggro-primitivist lost classic of that most precious of canons), St Louis band Bunnygrunt has done what few bands have the guts, gumption, or reckless heart to do any more: they hit the neverending road and ground it out, criss-crossing the frayed ribbons… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Stereo Embers

Mind Brains at Stereo Embers

Apparently being the driving force behind avant post-punkers The New Sound of Numbers isn’t quite enough for Hannah Jones, as she’s recently joined forces with Kris Deason (Dreamboat), Eric Harris (Olivia Tremor Control) and fellow NSON’er Emily Waldron – oh, let’s just call them all Elephant 6 alumni, shall we? – to form the marvelously… Continue reading Mind Brains at Stereo Embers

Noon:30 / Tanya Donnelly / Bunnygrunt at Stereo Embers

Noon:30 – Brought to us with the description “grimy trip-hop urban post-punk,” you can imagine how instantly that got our attention. To this we’d add tribal, moody, whispering with danger, breathing with menace. The product of two young women from D.C. – Blue, vocals and bass, Aissa Arroyo-Hill, guitar and sound design – we’re pretty… Continue reading Noon:30 / Tanya Donnelly / Bunnygrunt at Stereo Embers

Black Watch at Stereo Embers

Here’s a question: is it preferable, in terms of consistent quality, for a hyper-prolific ‘cult’ band to stay that way, to maintain that staunch underground status rather than cross over into the broader spotlight? Though it shall remain an open question bandied about mostly by critics and geeks (as if there’s a difference), there’s nonetheless,… Continue reading Black Watch at Stereo Embers