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Fireworks at The Girls Are

A self-confessed “loud fuzzy pop band”, The Fireworks have unveiled their smashing new video to ‘Tightrope’, a song taken from their debut album Switch Me On.

Based between London and Brighton, the indie foursome are a super group of sorts, and super they most certainly are. The band is made up of members Emma Hall (Pocketbooks), Matthew Rimell (Big Pink Cake), visual artist Isabel Albiol, and Shaun Charman (The Wedding Present/The Popguns).

With scenes of not-so-domestic bliss, the video for ‘Tightrope’ explores the mundane repetition and routine of a dead end romance, and one woman’s desire to break out of relationship jail. And break out, she does!

Watch the awesome video below and be sure to catch The Fireworks at one of a host of UK and European tour and festival dates this year.


Joanna Gruesome at the girls are

It’s been a year since the release of Joanna Gruesome’s debut full length, Weird Sister, and the impression it left remains unfading. While critically praised from both sides of the Atlantic, it’s perhaps one of the most unsung records of recent times; reflecting the age of its creators, its glorious and abrasive petulance only heightens with age. It’s an album that has proved indelible, uncovering hidden depths with every listen, rather than revealing itself to be hollow at the core, like many albums that prevail upon first impressions.

This 12” split with Trust Fund ison first inspection, fast paced and melodically-driven. Opener ‘Jerome (Liar)’ recalls the glory days of C86 in its melodic discordance and a chorus that is indie pop perfection. Elsewhere, ‘Coffee Implosion’ and ‘Satan’ are snippets of the band at their most hushed and introspective; the latter being a comparatively stripped down and languid reworking of one of the more contemplative moments on Weird Sister.

For all their likeness to the “shambling” sounds of yesteryear, it’s frustrating to read misguided critics dismissing Joanna Gruesome as 90s revivalists, just as much as it is to see overt pigeonholing of singer Alanna: comparisons with female front-women of yore are plentiful – fromBelinda Butcher to The Breeders – while they are no doubt merely complimentary, it would be fairer to say that Alanna has her own respective qualities. Here, she sounds more confident vocally, veering from soft refrains to sporadic clamour, and the band stick to their accomplished formula of melding genres and sub genres to triumphant effect. Ultimately, if this is just a snapshot of what else Gruesome has to offer, then a full-length follow-up could not come sooner enough.


Cosines Video Debut at the girls are

London math-pop quintet Cosines have unveiled the video for their single ‘Commuter Love’.

As previously revealed in these pages, the track is an irresistible glammy stomp railing against dreary desk jobs and tedious commutes – something to which most of us can probably relate…

Its accompanying visual sees the band all on their respective journeys; fortunately, not to a boring day of slogging their guts out for little pay, but to a gig. Their gig, to be precise, where they totally kick out the jams. Check out the video for ‘Commuter Love’ below:



Thee Ahs Video Debut at the girls are

Ahead of their set at this year’s Indietracks festival, self-proclaimed purveyors of “black bubblegum indie-pop” Thee AHs have revealed a video for their track ‘Spooky Love’.

It’s a captivating collection of footage from the band’s recent tour of the US, in which they track all the fun of life on the road. And get naked and jump into a river.

Yep, if you’re at work, we suggest that what with this and the swears at the beginning, it’s out of bounds, but if you’re not and don’t mind a little flesh with your high-octane, lady-made rock, fill your boots. Watch the video for ‘Spooky Love’ below:




Cosines at the girls are

North London math-pop quintet Cosines are launching their second single with a live extravaganza next month.

‘Commuter Love’, out on May 12, follows up 2013′s acclaimed debut ‘Hey Sailor Boy!’, and is an irresistible, glam rock-esque stomper that, contrary to its title, is a biting indictment of soul-sucking jobs and dreary train journeys. If you’ve suffered or are suffering through the same, then here’s your new anthem.

To celebrate its release, Cosines will be kicking it live at London’s Sebright Arms on May 16, along with sets from Simon Love and Giant Burger, and a DJ set from, well, us at the girls are.