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Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund at The Le Sigh

My eye was initially caught by Joanna Gruesome a year or two ago. Snagged by the the witty wordplay of the name, I scrolled past their bandcamp page and immediately sputtered out something along the lines of: “Joanna Newsom? Joanna GRUESOME!” with a slap on my thigh and my head chucked back. “Ha! With a band name like that, this has gotta be good!” This may have completely disregarded the “Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a band by their album art” rule, but believe me, this first impression didn’t lead me in the wrong direction. This band was great. I think I listened to their track “Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me?” at least a hundred times before my seventeenth birthday.

It’s been a while since I drove around in my beat up Toyota, jamming to the jangly pop records that my car used to practically run off of. So when I heard about Joanna Gruesome’s new release, I decided to go on a mission for the sake of nostalgia with my car keys in one hand and the new Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund split in the other. Joanna Gruesome’s side of this split is exactly what I was hoping for while squeezing the edges of my steering wheel. They proved that they are more than just a band built on a foundation of nostalgia alongside my other seventeen-year-old phases (i.e. trying to teach myself to skate, not shaving for twelve months, never tying up my shoes) –  Joanna Gruesome was, and still are, the band that turns my insides to mush. Their fuzzed out guitars and sickeningly sweet vocals left me pulled over by the side of the road in a heap in the backseat only two songs in: blushing from the feeling of longing I was left with, but also flushed from the breathlessness that bursts out of the faster tracks that open this first half of the split.

Their companion, Bristol’s five-piece Trust Fund, may seem smaller than Joanna Gruesome upon first glance, but their contribution to this release is what keeps each side cohesive. The spotlight was stuck on them to seal this split with a kiss – and regardless of their obscurity, they worked well in center stage. Shouted harmonies and an infectious beat feel like a quick peck on each cheek. Trust Fund don’t stick around for long through to leave lipstick on your skin, but they’re short and sweet time by your side is enough to keep them on your mind. This split made me feel a lot of feelings; feelings of nostalgia, for the sake of my seventeen-year-old self, as well as a lot of hopeful feelings. Joanna Gruesome have once again carved their name into another phase of my life, and Trust Fund have set up a stage for themselves in the indie pop valve of my heart. I have high hopes for what both of these bands have in store for me. I’m sure to be going on a roadtrip with these guys as my soundtrack very, very soon. You’re all welcome to join me.


Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund Video Release at Impose

In September, U.K. indie pop pals Joanna Gruesome and Trust Fund teamed up for a six-song split, released via Reeks of Effort (UK) and HHBTM (US). We’ve already shared the hooky mid-tempo call-out cut “Jerome (Liar)”. Now we are excited to now premiere a video for the song, plus a video for Trust Fund’s “Reading the Wrappers”. The part-animated, part-filmed videos were created by London artist and illustrator Rose Robbins. “The videos are about a pair of individuals and their quest to understand each other,” Robbins said. “I wanted the videos to have a narrative link of some kind, despite the songs being by two different artists, and about two separate things.”


Joanna Gruesome at DIY

On 22nd September, Bristol’s Trust Fund join forces with Joanna Gruesome – one year on from their debut album ‘Weird Sister’ – for a special 12” release, out via Reeks of Effort (UK) and HHBTM (US). The new release brings together six tracks (three per band), all previously unheard.

Previously the release has fledged Trust Fund’s ‘Reading the Wrappers’ & ‘Scared’, plus Joanna Gruesome’s ‘Jerome (Liar)’. Now DIY is delighted to be bringing you the remaining half. On ‘Coffee Implosion’, JoGro’s forceful fuzz shows its sweeter, caffeine-fuelled side, while Ellis Jones and co.’s ‘No Pressure’ might be the most immediate thing they’ve put their name to.

Alongside a stream of the release, we had both bands wax lyrical on why they’re both so awesome.


Hobbes Fanclub and Trust Fund at Expressway To Yr Skull


Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund at Buzz

A somewhat incestuous new split 12″ sees Joanna Gruesome’s first new material since last year’s Weird Sister album. Nothing new here, it’s more of the same mid-1990’s indie that we’ve come to expect. More interesting fare comes with Trust Fund’s three tracks as they display significantly sharper sound and snappier songwriting.


Joanna Gruesome at Heartbreaking Bravery

There were a very small handful of songs to be unveiled in the past few weeks that warranted extreme levels of excitement and Joanna Gruesome‘s “Jerome (Liar)” was definitely one of them. Essentially a preview for a very promising upcoming split the band has coming out in late September with the equally great Trust Fund, it’s also a perfect reminder of what made Weird Sister one of last year’s best releases. Wide-eyed, pissed off, riff-happy, and prone to spastic bursts of sonic chaos, “Jerome (Liar)” is Joanna Gruesome at their best.

An unashamedly pop melody practically floats over the impact-heavy collisions of the verse sections and syncs up beautifully with a monstrous chorus that recalls the very best of Rather Ripped-era Sonic Youth. “Jerome (Liar)” also has the benefit of being an atypically short song for the Cardiff band, lending it even more immediacy than the staggering amount the band’s become renowned for so effortlessly possessing. Their teeth become fangs and retract again but they’re always locked in a vice-like grip on whoever’s fortunate enough to get in their way. This is impassioned outsider pop at it’s absolute finest- and most shoegaze-friendly. HHBTM Records will be handling the US release and distribution of the split while Reeks of Effort will cater to the UK. Both labels are worth investing time in and, if “Jerome (Liar)” winds up being the definitive song of this split, this very release may very well become the crown jewel of each respective side.

While details of Joanna Gruesome’s impending split with Perfect Pussy (which this site was beyond honored to have the pleasure of announcing) are still scant, this release seems more than poised to hold everyone over- and likely past- the day that anxiously-awaited release finally becomes available.


Joanna Gruesome at Indie Music Filter

Joanna Gruesome are one of my favorite groups in the past few years, largely in part of how well they mesh things that are pretty with things that are, well, not-so-pretty.  The outcome is never off-putting, but rather biting and delightful twee pop.

“Jerome (Liar)” is a stripped-down continuation of this sound. It’s short, pretty on the melody, and has just a small bit of discord in the background to keep the energy up. If you’ve been listening to a lot of polished music and need a bit of a palette cleanser, this is it.

The track is part of an upcoming split with Trust Fund, out in late September via Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records in North America and Reeks of Effort in the UK.


Joanna Gruesome at Surviving the Golden Age

As Joanna Gruesome hit the road with Perfect Pussy, it seems we won’t be getting a new LP this summer from the Welsh jangle-core (blah blah genres) pioneers. To satiate our hunger, the Gruesomes are featured on an upcoming split with the very excellent Trust Fund, to be released on gold vinyl by HHBTM (US – September 23) and Reeks of Effort Records (UK – September 22).

“Jerome (Liar)” is the leading single from the Gruesome half and it’s a textured shoot-from-the-hip track that showcases exactly why the band captured our attention with last year’s Weird Sister. Their rich vocals and sharp pop sensibilities are still mainstays of the sound, but the production and performance has matured a ton. The changes in their mixing are welcome and focus the band’s raw energy very effectively, making me all the more excited for their next full-length.


Joanna Gruesome at Pitchfork

Blame it on the name, but Welsh quintet Joanna Gruesome‘s Weird Sister seems to me one of the more overlooked records of 2013. Their noise-pop/hardcore hybrid variously shimmers and crushes your skull, but does both with more intensity, melody, and finesse than other active bands with similar intentions—it helps that Joanna Gruesome is not afraid to sing about aggressively ripping out an enemy’s teeth, or “Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers”.

Weird Sister‘s aesthetic is well-tread on this new track, the sub-two-minute “Jerome (Liar)”, off a split with Bristol’s Trust Fund. More skeletal than the full-length but just as kinetic, its skinny post-punk riffs allow room for noise-guitar squall and some hovering shrieks. Alanna McArdle and Owen Gruesome sing together, like candy on sandpaper, describing a charming mystical freak named Jerome, who talks about magic and the moon and trees and breathing underwater. But he’s a liar, and Joanna Gruesome can see right through him.


Joanna Gruesome at the Mad Mackeral

Jerome (Liar) is the first new material from excellent indie noiseniks Joanna Gruesome since the release of last year’s Weird Sister debut full-length. The track will be featured on the split 12″ with Trust Fund from Bristol and released on HHBTM Records in the States on September 22nd and Reeks of Effort in the UK on September 21st.

Have a listen. Pre-order here for the UK.