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Watoo Watoo Interview at DOA

Salut Michaël!  I’ve been spinning your lovely recent album, Un Si Longue Attente, and for some reason the phrase “jolie-pop” springs to my mind… Since you and Pascale are both natives of France, maybe you understand what I mean by that terminology.  Your music is pleasing and inviting, despite the occasional bleak lyrics. Do you think the “jolie-pop” description fits your sound?

Serge Gainsbourg used to say that most of his lyrics were about love, & that they were all dark & negative. Morrissey said that music must talk about your life, & I like the fact that the Buzzcocks songs are very fast & “happy sounding”, while the lyrics are quite dark, too. I guess that this had an influence on me (& I haven’t mentioned Felt yet!).  I like the paradox of pretty tunes mixed with gloomy lyrics.  “Jolie-pop” is an expression never used in France, though, but why not!