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Athens Intensified at With Guitars

September 11, 12, 13, & 20

The 2014 Athens Intensified will take place September 11, 12, 13, & 20 in beautiful downtown Athens, Georgia. Now in its third year, the festival is undertaking its most ambitious lineup yet. It has expanded from two nights in a single venue to four nights across two weekends in five venues. This year’s headliners are Atlanta’s forceful and poignant rapper Killer Mike (9/12), New York’s dreamy and quirky Cibo Matto (9/13) and LA’s legendary MC, DJ and producer The Egyptian Lover (9/20).
Saturday afternoon (9/13), we’ll be closing down a block of downtown Athens in front of the world famous 40 Watt Club for our inaugural skateboard exhibition and competition. This portion of Athens Intensified is free to attend for everyone and is coordinated withGet Rad Skate Shop of Athens as well as other regional skate shops.

The overarching booking principle of Athens Intensified is that the organizers must be actual fans of the bands/artists presented. This keeps us rooted in what we do and rooting for the artists themselves. To this end, the undercard of Athens Intensified is filled with artists spanning the genres of EDM, garage rock, dream pop, roots country, hip-hop, punk, hardcore and more. The way we describe it is “wide in scope but narrow in focus.” That is, we are fans of a broad spectrum of sounds but quite specific in our enthusiasm. We think this year’s lineup is pretty spectacular.

Notable acts performing this year are Faster Circuits (Cloud Recordings) — the brainchild of Derek Almstead (Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System), Frost The Wave God(Orlando, FL),  Babes (New Orleans), Dola (Jacksonville, FL), What Moon Things (New Paltz, NY) and Genders (Portland, OR). Additionally, we are super proud to present Blue Blood, T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks (who will be just off a tour with Deer Tick),MothersMagicicada (Atlanta, GA), Shanti Shanti (Atlanta, GA), Muuy BiienEureka CaliforniaTunabunnyDeep StateBows and ArrowsThe Powder RoomShoal Creek Stranglers, WesdaRulerMatt Hudgins and many more. Over fifty artists will play this year’s event. Please see for more information.


Hobbes Fanclub at With Guitars


Close Lobsters at With Guitars

I remember the Close Lobsters, they appeared on the now legendary C86 album and became associated with that scene, although along with the likes of the Wedding Present, Mighty Lemon Drops and A Witness probably represented the natural link between the end of post-punk and the start of indie music. A few years earlier and I’ve no doubt that they’d have been on Postcard Records, their jangling guitars seemed to owe a certain debt to Orange Juice and Josef K, but then they were from Glasgow! They soon signed to Fire Records achieving critical acclaim but limited commercial success.

 After petering out in the 90s, two years ago the original line-up decided to reform playing selected shows in Europe and now we have a new 7” released on heavy-weight oxblood vinyl by Shelflife Records in Portland, Oregon. On the lead track ‘Now Time’ the guitars aren’t nearly as jangly as on the 80s recordings and the DIY production has been replaced by something more professional, but it’s a cracking indie pop song that will please the original fans. The B-side ‘New York City In Space’ sounds more retro and could easily have been recorded prior to their split.

 A fine record and a worthy addition to their legacy. 8.5/10