Animal Daydream at Collective Zine

The proclamation that this is “SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the subject line of the email that this came in on would normally make me pretty sceptical about the content but I’ve enjoyed the last few things the PR folk had sent in here as they gave me the opportunity to hurtle into a whirlwind of heady 90s-indie nostalgia so I thought I’d give this one a go too. That 90s indie sound rears its head again here as the band, who hail from Gothenburg, have something of a penchant for the likes of Teenage Fanclub if these four tracks are anything to go by. Probably latter day Teenage Fanclub after they ditched the fuzzier sound. Although I’m not fully convinced by the backing vocals towards the end of the track, the first song in particular is a fine tune. The guitar sound is lovely and the track is full of melancholy and nostalgia. The next three tracks are similar in nature – all laidback and laced with harmonies and a nice jangly guitar sound while measuring a little lower on the melancholy scale.