forceghost: utk  cd/lp/cs  

Release date: March 1, 2024

forceghost - utk CD/LP/CS

Bio: Eric Kinlaw (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Sound Design) and Marcus Barfield (Production/Sound Design) are forceghost, an electronic psych duo based out of Augusta, GA. Both members sport a long list of previous bands and projects, but are elated to be bringing forceghost into its fullest realization.

After their initial formation in 2019, time and circumstance have led to the reshaping of the band into its current form. forceghost is the product of impromptu jam sessions, free form experimentation, and friendship. Many years of musical evolution and collaboration between the duo have culminated into a sound both piercingly focused, and kaleidoscopic in scope and texture. Creamy guitars, soaring synths, sharp drums, and hauntingly beautiful vocals will leave the listener enveloped in a radiant afterglow.

The band's live set more than delivers on the promises made by their recordings, only serving to further immerse the audience in their sonic rollercoaster. Their minimalist stage presence allows the crowd to focus on the soundscape being set before them, free from any audacious distractions. When looking back on forceghost's set, you are unlikely to be able to keep your mind from running wild.

All previous recordings have fallen by the wayside. This is the definitive starting point for forceghost. With the release of their debut EP, "unknowing the known," the band hopes listeners find themselves enriched by their listening. Come apart and put yourself back together with forceghost.