Lame Drivers: Become An Island  CD / LP   (Jigsaw Records / Bleeding Gold Records)

Release date: June 28, 2024

Lame Drivers - Become An Island CD/LP (Jigsaw Records/Bleeding Gold Records)

Bio: Become an Island is our follow-up to 2015’s Chosen Era (Jigsaw/Bleeding Gold). The title track presaged the socially distanced world we lived through to “bait the virus / just for some fun.” But we started recording it years before the pandemic in a Bed-Stuy basement. We’ve seen some changes and weathered a lot to get here, and the album is a reflection of these times.

In the meantime, one of our songs became a minor hit with fans of a surreal anime series FLCL. We contributed a song to a virtual reality game. A couple Gizmos covers made it onto Gulcher Records tributes. We covered a “fake punk” song for a WFMU fundraising comp alongside favorite bands new (Silicone Prairie) and old (Yo La Tengo). And we wrote a bunch of new songs for (Lame) Lane Driver, as heard on the Brian Turner show.

In 2021, after a year of practicing over JamKazam, we got back to in-person again, working on new material, and finishing older material with help from Travis Harrison (Guided by Voices) and mastering by Jamal Ruhe. We’re returned to play one live show as a band in 2023 (pictured below) and have some live shows on the horizon in 2024 including 4/13 w/ fellow NYC stalwarts Fly Ashtray and 4/20 for Record Grouch RSD.