Rowan Newby: Some Hippie You Turned Out To Be  LP  

Release date: September 6, 2024

Rowan Newby - Some Hippie You Turned Out To Be LP

Bio: Hailing from Nowheresville USA, nomadic folky Rowan Newby writes heartfelt ear worms for the sentimentally inclined. Spending most of his teens and 20s developing his craft in local undergrounds, his bedroom and copious nature trails along the East, Rowans made the rounds from country adjacent bohemia to playing bass in conceptual punk outfits. He emerges now after a long hiatus of soft releases and personal growth following his 2015 digital only release of the EP ,"Odes". His forthcoming album "Some Hippie You Turned Out to Be" continue the tradition of classic Americana and 60's/70's inspired songwriting with a particularly poetic while simultaneously humorous edge to the lyricism.