Animal Daydream at Whisperin and Hollerin

This is the latest single from Animal Daydream is the sort of single you’d expect to be released in early summer as it is so bright and breezy it can’t be about the dark winters of the bands Gothenburg home.

The 7″ single plays at 33 RPM but thankfully I spotted that before dropping the needle on it to hear Citrus burst out of the speakers as a Breezy neo-Psychedelic pop song for a summers day to take you down to the cool waters of one of the many lakes surrounding Gothenburg that has a very laid back instrumental interlude like the pine trees are rustling in the hills above you.

Sun (Turnaround) probably has more meaning in a city where you may only see it for a couple of hours a day and this slice of Byrdsian summer psych pop should put a smile on your face as you dream of all sorts of Aquavit cocktails to make with the fruits and spices on the single sleeve.

The B-side of the ep starts with All That You Can Give the sort of song that sounds like fellow Gothenburgers Hillman Lighthouse fused and refracted through a cracked Kaleidoscope of The Association crossed with Super Furry animals it’s ripe to be heard on a hot summers day while eating Lingonberry ice cream.

The ep closes with the almost chamber psych pop of In My Room that has a very cool vibe that is like the High Llamas without the metronome playing in the background a really nice song.

This single is well worth finding and should be a big summer hit find out more at