Antlered Aunt Lord at Bloodbuzzed

Second trip of the week to most beloved Athens, Georgia, to meet Jesse Stinnard, Tunabunny’s eccentric drummer, phantom screamer, compulsive reader and unique musician (the press note says his solo shows are truly legendary). Now this mad genius has decided to put some order into his several-hundred song backlog to release his debut album, ‘Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (And On Fire)‘ out since late November through Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. It’s a carnival of sorts, They Might Be Giants, early R.E.M.,Pixies… I know, I know. I’m reciting some of the quintessential American alternative bands. But Stinnart seems to be the missing link between them. Fun, risky yet powerfully melodic. What an exciting chaos. Many thanks, again, Mike!