Antlered Aunt Lord at Impose

From Athens, Georgia meet Jesse Stinnard, the driving force behind the creative electric outfit Antlered Aunt Lord who presents the world premiere of the Jordan St Martin-Reyes strange forest ritual video for “Hi Beam Hi Priest”. The alt-Appalachian sound from the mysterious Stinnard (who has also played in Tunabunny) will see a proper release fromHappy Happy Birthdy To Me on November 20 with his Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire) LP finally materializing in the world. This here is outsider pop at it’s very best, as Jesse has been drafting songs by the hundreds over the past decade, some of which are presented here on the artist’s forthcoming long-player.

Take the DIY masterpiece of “Hi Beam Hi Priest” that is exists as a bit of pop genius that 4AD and it’s fellow quiet-loud-quiet devotees never delivered. The Jordan St Martin-Reyes video for Antlered Aunt Lord’s “Hi Beam Hi Priest” presents a pagan induction/baptismal/initiation process of the surreal and the downright silly. Jesse himself is brought out to woods with his mouth covered by electrical tape, stripped, doused in pink painted colors, decorated in an earthy coronation of twigs, home crafted wings, and a a stick to resemble a Baphomet of the absurd. Like a tarred and feathered deity idol ripped from the Knights Templar codes of mythology; Jesse is crowned a high priest among his Antlered Aunt Lord court witnessed by the branches, trunks, and leaves of surrounding trees. “Hi Beam Hi Priest” is a single to keep on constant repeat that promises infinite benediction and DIY pop wisdom accompanied by a ceremonial video that brings Stinnard’s independent ethics and aesthetics full circle. After the following debut viewing of “Hi Beam Hi Priest”, read our interview with Antlered Aunt Lord’s elusive Jesse Stinnard himself.

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