Antlered Aunt Lord at Music That I Like

Reinforcement, and it feels so good.

Reinforcement, and I can pretend to myself that I connect with certain people, certain ways of seeing. This next bit is from the PR (whom I know by default): “Antlered Aunt Lord is entirely Jesse Stinnard, a guy who’s spent the past ten years in Athens, Georgia as a cherished eccentric in a town…”

I am suspicious of the word eccentric, like I am suspicious of people who turn the volume on their computers too high, like I would never entirely trust an academic who does not entirely distrust Adorno. This music however has been lurking around the back of my computer for months now. (I look inside, and there is no back. It is like the TARDIS in there. OrTron.) It helps reassure, reaffirm, reinforce. No challenge, but that is OK. Kinda music it is damnably easy to attribute personal attributes to (cuddly, friendly, awkward, clumsy). WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Music does not have human traits. It is music. It is sound and noise and context jumbled up, sometimes deliberately. Or rather, with intent. It will shout down doors, unlock openings.

Who knows what would happen if someone was to stumble across a whole new way of listening? No one would pay attention, I am sure. It is not in the vested interest.

Stuff like this is the Pixies playing like they still have fun at playing being the Pixies (which they patently do not). Pixies given the freedom to enjoy music. Pixies allowed to give vent.

I do not want to labour this point, but I am also suspicious of gungemusic. The next song may well remind you of the same band it reminds me of. Ain’t that sweet? Group hug. Panda eyes. I would almost rather hear a reinvention of this. I said almost rather. I am playing this album for reinforcement, remember? The sounds lurking round the back of my TARDIS of a computer are not there so that I can avoid the journey but to help me facilitate the journey. Most music is a matter of Photoshopping one sound onto the next. I read somewhere that authors often take 95% of their inspiration from other authors but I DO NOT DO THAT. That is the problem with us eccentrics. No sense of How To Get On In This World.

I like yr Antlered Auntlord for the same reason I like this, or this. Pop Music.

Reinforcement or retirement? I like my rock music scuzzed-up. I like my pop music clean. Or is it the other way round? Music is so confusing these days.

Track five is a sea shanty.

Like I say, this has been lurking round the back of my computer for a couple of months now.