Antlered Aunt Lord at Whisperin and Hollerin

Yes the album title and band name are both mouthfuls and kind of give you an idea of where this is coming from, the outer fringes of Athens Georgia and the outre mind of Jesse Stinnard who is apparently an Athens legend in someone else’s lunch time just not his own.

Side 1 of the vinyl I’m listening to it on opens with Events Of The Future it’s full of odd noises and almost buried vocals and is really short. It gives way to Questions From Our Publicist that has a very cool chorus about unmarked packages it’s cool and trippy and a bit like Pavement at their best.

Abandoned Car should really be called entombed in odd weird music car like Daniel Johnston on the wrong meds. Mono Pilot is sort of skewed 60’s power pop gone awry and is pretty cool with it. An Impersonal Appeal is a shout in the dark dystopia of a brain that has become a bit 1/2 Japanese meets R.Stevie Moore and got confused.

The Beeswax is like Eugene Chadbourne on Re-fried beans!! Munsonfly is a twisted march to another Dimension just not this one. EPA is a folk song for the Boom Chuka Boom generation and well they need it.

Evil Dream Too Slow is a Shockabilly Japanese style pop drama gone too slow but not static or stoic. Pray For Glam goes all Kraftwerk meets Tuxedomoon in a closet where they dance and try to put on make-up at the same time. Side one closes with Yr Right a full on thrashing scream of acquiescence clatter fest.

Side two opens with I Don’t Ever Have To Wait for the vacuum cleaner in my head to abate and this song doesn’t either not even when the whistling begins. Sigil To Noise has some very cool stereo effects that work better on Vinyl than download don’t know why but they sound better on 2 speakers than 5.1 speakers and it sounds like Wire meets the Pixies and has a great false ending perfect for catching DJ’s out.

Never Sleep Again might bleed you dry as the insomnia sets in. Classic Nu New Uncomfortable Bumblebee Dub is naive dub exploration that crams a lot of ideas into a track like all good dub tunes ought to it also tips a small nod towards Pylon.

Sciatica is more accurately Schizoid brain pummeler for late night driving through a bad neighbourhood vibe to it. Throwback Bikes starts slow and quiet asking what you have to do to qualify for social security and as the song builds the interview unfolds and mania increases.

Hi-Beam Hi-Priest (Blinker Fluid) is caught in the headlights sparse electronica like Telex with buried vocals that break out into manicured noise and back again like it was recorded through the walls rather than in the room. Side two and the album close with Save The Very Best which is like Miss Murgatroid on acid with some very odd parping noises.

Antlered Auntlord might just about break out of Athens if Jesse Stinnard can be bothered to spread his legend far and wide. Find out more at