Cosines at Get It On Vinyl

The best thing about seven-inch singles is they can showcase the wide range of a group. With their second single, Commuter Love/Disclosed Stories, London pop band Cosines deliver polar opposite styles of songs, and deliver outstanding results in between.

“Commuter Love” starts off with a rhythmic guitar riff, full of fuzz, and provides plenty of fuel for this rock infused track. The vocals follow along perfectly before the keys take the song out with plenty of energy still left in the tank.

The B-side, “Disclosed Stories” follows more along of the lines of their other single, “Hey, Sailor Boy” and falls right in line of their indie-pop sound. While its simple, with muted guitars and prominent keys, its very fulfilling and hits all the bases.

The Vinyl

Released on Fika Recordings, the black vinyl seven-inch matches style of their other single, with Simon Nelson’s artwork once again gracing the cardboard cover.

Get a copy from your local independent record store or directly from the Fika Recordings website.