Eureka California at Fabricoh Magazine

Eureka California is an Athens, GA based lo-fi garage-punk duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Jake Ward and drummer Marie A. Uhler. Their sophomore album, Crunch was recently released via fellow Athens based label, Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

The aptly-titled album is filled with “crunchy” old school punk snarl and Kinks-informed guitar riffs and rhythms with sparse arrangements that allow the catchy melodies to shine. Even if Ward’s voice isn’t the most polished, the melodies are sure to stick especially on the short and raging standout, “I Bet That You Like Julian Cope” with its simple yet catchy sing-along refrain: “I bet that you like Julian Cope, Don’t tell me you don’t”. Another standout, “#1 In The State” recalls lo-fi pioneers Guided By Voices at their most anthemic with a choppy rhythm and power-pop charge.

The sloppy lo-fi playing and production attempts and fails to hide the catchy, memorable melodies that are at the core of the duo’s exciting new album, Crunch which is available now digitally and on limited edition cassette, CD and red vinyl.