Eureka California at Pop Shifter

Making a lot of music in a short amount of time can result in one of two very different outcomes: slapdash garbage or effortless fabrication. Versus is Eureka California’s third release in three years, and demonstrates the latter. The record has a sense of urgency that showcases the band’s hunger, rather than just being an outpouring of unnecessary noisy drivel.

The album encompasses exactly what a good garage rock band sounds like: youthful, gritty, and naturally sloppy. And while the songs featured on the group’s latest effort aren’t outright original, there is a sense of identity with the genre that it falls into.

An impressive feat for Versus is that the album incorporates different themes and styles, without sounding incoherent. The majority of the tracks are quick, two-minute punk songs with a couple of notable ones being “Sign My Name With An X” and “Sober Sister,” but there are a few slower, acoustic songs, like “Fear and Loathing In The Classic City” and “Everybody Had A Hard Year,” that act as a delectable palate cleanser.

Perhaps the most fleshed out track on Versus is “Realizing Your Actuality.” Only one of two songs over three minutes, an added level of polish helps it stand above the rest. While still fitting in with the tone of the record, there is a special kind of magic attached to it that the others don’t have.

The album artwork is bright and colorful, just like the music. The cover features a vibrant yellow background and a slew of green tequila bottles with the duo’s faces drawn on. When coupled together, the playfulness of the art gives the album a new flavor.

Eureka California isn’t the type of band to take over the world. Instead, they are more likely to take over your playlist for an extended amount of time due to their solid effort with Versus. The record is fun and angsty, without being insolent, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys modern punk music.