Linqua Franqa at Backseat Mafia

Taken from her The Model Minority album, out February 23rd on HHBTM Records, Anthens-based rapper Mariah Parker aka Linqua Franqa is about to release the third single Gold Bike – premiering here on Backseat Mafia today.

Using all the skills she learnt during her masters degree in linguistics at the University of Georgia, Parker is a formidable talent, and says of the track “I wrote Gold Bike roughly two years after my friends had kidnapped my then-very-normal bicycle, which I used to get around town, and returned it glittering on the day of my 23rd birthday; Gold Bike was also written the week after my first ever hip hop performance, which left me reeling and feeling sustainedly hopeful and like my life mattered for the first time in years. I actually met the producer at that show, too, so I feel doubly indebted to that evening. ”

Built on this wonky old time swing cut up, the rising brass gives the track drama as Parker regales the listener with the story of the kidnapped bike, with wit, skill, throwing in vivid descriptions with her laid back delivery and some good old R&B stylings. Check it out, here