Linqua Franqa Video Premiere at Overblown

I’ll make no claim to be an expert in hip-hop, but this track just banged me over the head and grabbed me by the ears. I think it is the warmth and lushness of the music combined with Mariah Parker AKA Linqua Franqa’s dexterous and smooth flow. There’s a lovely bang of Arrested Development or hip hop from the 90s from this. I’m taking the socially conscious and subtle work of Lauryn Hill and Mos Def. Not the nonsense gangsta rap dick measuring tripe.

“Directed by Savannah’s jack-of-all-Hip-Hop-trades DopeKNife, Eight Weeks tells one woman’s story of seasonal depression and internal moral conflict, “says Mariah Parker AKA Linqua Franqa. “In complicating black-and-white framings of a woman’s right to choose and humanizing this choice as not just ethical but spiritual and emotional, KNife and LF aimed for a raw but unassuming aesthetic and to capture a range emotion: defiance, warmth, relief and connection as well as avoidance, fear, loneliness, and anger. The opening shots, filmed at Chase Park Warehouses in Athens, Georgia, pay subtle homage to Magnolia Fund, a reproductive justice nonprofit in Georgia; the “Abortion is a Miracle” sweater is available for sale on their website and proceeds benefit abortion access in the Southeast.”