Luxembourg Signal at Gold Flake Paint

Bit prestigious, innit, to call yrself a “Luxembourg” signal when not even remotely Luxembourgian?

Naaaah, no matter. There’s a distant 80s feel to this lead single, an aching good chime of a riff that could be somewhere between a sweeter Echo and the Bunnymen and a more gnarly Wave Pictures. Everything’s so well glazed, from the white synth edges and the rolling bass tide to the faint clack-clack-clack that gives the tune its foggy distance. But then the flip ‘Wishing Well‘ has some tough Texan backbone (a la Gun Club even, but with eyes fixed on lavish praise and no time for lolligagging), some real dreamy if not downright aloof vocals, and a chilly bridge where the tambourine totally don’t sound cheesy. And oh, how I love how the ringing full-on barnraiser pop screeches do a dead-stop. A well-calculated brake maneuver, guys, no doubt, but I is a sucker for those.

Here I’m s’posed to say that the Luxies are one part Aberdeen, one part Trembling Blue Stars, and all part of Shelflife Recs – but blah blah blaaaaaah. Just listen to the thing, why dontcha. It’s coming to a shelf near you on April 29th.